March 12, 2015: Online Work Bee

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Thursday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Project Work
    • Brandon: Purchase train tickets to Seattle, reserve a hotel room for Sunday night
    • Brandon: Contact Brother Gabe (Pastor Gabe)
    • Brandon: Contact Frank White
    • Brandon: Read Ruth’s reply and reply
    • Brandon: Write up Pantheacon
    • Brandon: Declare Day Ritual
    • Ben: contact Steven Wolfe
    • Ben: choose a time for the weekly Game Changer Intensive small group meetings
    • Ben: Work on the SolSeed 10-year retrospective draft
    • Ben: Start on a very short story for the Spring Equinox
    • Eric: Write a stub for
    • Eric: Story for Spring Sushi Feast and Storytelling
    • Patrick: Walk the neighbors' dogs

Check In

  • Eric … I got my taxes done and I got my parents taxes done!
  • Patrick … HI! Surprised! I have to take the dogs for a walk
  • Brandon … I’m just a-mad about saffron, she’s just a-mad about me
  • Ben … I am having a crazy week; on Monday evening I went to a get-money-out-of-politics meeting; on Tuesday I went to a Town Hall talk by the guy who founded Earth Day and his wife, talking about cows:) On Wednesday I was at a rather dry 4-hour training called Democracy School by a group of lawyers that wants to use community-level civil disobedience to build toward an eventual rewrite of the U.S. Constitution. And I was accepted into a possibly even more radical Pachamama Alliance program called the Game Changer Intensive.
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