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Mammalia is a SolSeed Goddess. As such she is a personification not a person. She represents the body of all Mammals and she is pictured as a woman entirely covered in fur with eight breasts (also partly hidden in fur) arranged in four pairs down to her abdomen. The fur on her belly is braided to depict the continents of her time and small gold mammals representative of her time crawl up her back. She is not a biosphere Goddess but a Taxonomic Class Goddess and as such if she is depicted as pregnant it would be because she is about to adaptively radiate out into multiple new classes. If ever we create a Taxonomic Class Goddess of the Dinosaurs then she will likely be pregnant when depicted around the time of the origin of the birds but it is unlikely that Mammalia will ever be depicted as pregnant, unless a story is written about mammals adaptively radiating as they spread from world to world.

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