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Gazing out into the skies
On the eve of the longest night.
Here we dream with open eyes
On the eve of a holy night.
-- Malcolm Dalglish, lyrics to "Psalm of Solstice" from the album Hymnody of Earth

This is the page for the 2009 event. For the 2010 event of the same name, see Solstice2010.



Winter is generally a time for reflection, for the incubation of new ideas, and for deepening our inner selves. But the SolSeedMovement is at a place where we're ready to do more than just discuss and reflect. We have a OnePagePlan ready, and it's time to get into action.

Join friends and members of SolSeed for the Longest Night Festival Open Space. Tentative theme: "Who are we becoming? What are we doing next?"

Where: Brandon and Shelley's place, 1824 SE Oak St, Portland OR 97214

When: Dec. 19-21, 2009 (Saturday-Monday) Opening circle is at 9am on Saturday

What: OpenSpace event followed by a Solstice Party on Monday night

Open Space Invitation

Brandon is ready to go!

The Winter Solstice is a turning point, and the SolSeedMovement is at a turning point as well. After a hugely successful year of bringing people together to talk about big ideas, we're energized and ready to turn toward our ambitious goal of building an Intentional Society aimed toward fulfilling TheDestiny.

But while we have written an outline of what we want to do, the essence of the SolSeedMovement is collaborative, and we want everyone's input on how we move forward. During the Longest Night Festival Open Space, we hope to have sessions focused around everything from general philosophy to specific planning and making actual progress on SolSeedProjects.

Our first winter SolSeed gathering

Example session ideas:

  • How should we present ourselves to the world?
  • Design ideas for the SolSeedVillage
  • Planning session for starting a space-related engineering company
  • Collaborative writing session for the SolSeed book

If that all sounds like too much work, remember that the contents of the agenda at an OpenSpace is up to all of the participants, so feel free to schedule some just-for-fun sessions as well.

If you are planning to attend, please add yourself to the participants list below.

Open Space participants

Longest Night Festival Party Invitation

Solstice Lights 2008

December 21 marks this year's Winter Solstice, the Longest Night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. After the Longest Night, each night gets progressively shorter until the Summer Solstice.

Join us for a party and some simple rituals that honor the deep white silence of winter and celebrate the promise of the sun's return.

Kids are welcome. We'll be lighting candles, singing carols, and roasting veggie dogs over an outdoor yule log.

If you'd like alcohol, feel free to bring it. We'll be serving hot cocoa, "unspiked" cider, egg nog, and other traditional holiday fare.

Yule log 2008
Where: Shelley and Brandon's house, 1824 SE Oak St, Portland OR 97214
When: 6 pm to midnight, Monday, December 21, 2009 (come and go as you like)
Who: All of our friends and families -- the more the merrier -- please pass the invitation along!
Contribute: Email Shelley if you'd like to help out with food, drink, decorations, ritual planning, etc.

Party participants

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