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Note that this page is not related to the SolSeed and Earthseed page that uses the word 'LifeSeed' to help people who have different understandings of the word God see what we think Octavia Butler was getting at in her use of the word GodSeed. This page is a description of another concept which I actually want to call LifeSeed.



LifeSeed is the collection of all world-bound life in the universe.

TheDestiny of LifeSeed

The destiny of LifeSeed is to increase the surface area of every world in the universe by covering all of them with a rich layer of complex life.

The Universe

The Universe may or may not be infinite but it undoubtedly extends well beyond the visible universe which is a sphere 13.7 billion light years in diameter centred on Sol. The idea that the whole universe could be centered on Sol is ridiculous. There is nothing in its structure that would indicate that Sol is of any particular importance. Instead, we must consider that Sol is at the centre of the visible universe because the expansion of the universe and the speed of light have been constant throughout the universe and so light coming from every direction has covered the same amount of distance since the universe ceased to be opaque 13.7 billion years ago.

It is therefore reasonable to conclude that the universe continues well beyond the edge of the visible universe for an unknown but likely incredibly huge distance and perhaps forever.

The Galaxies of the Universe

The visible universe is unevenly populated with galaxies. There are bubbles of all sizes which are devoid of matter and clumps and clusters of galaxies of all sizes. There are strings of galaxies connecting many of the clumps. It is a complex mess of galaxies but generally speaking, no matter what direction you look there are galaxies out there by the billions.

Life in the Universe

In most of those galaxies there are likely to be life forms by now, growing, nurturing each other and discovering the surfaces of the worlds to which they are bound. Some may already have reached out to other worlds, to other stars, even colonized whole galaxies. A few may even have begun to colonize neighbouring galaxies.

If the universe is infinite, the few in that last sentence must also be infinite just a much smaller infinite. In that case, there may already be an infinite number of worlds from which LifeSeed has spread to neighbouring galaxies. If the universe is merely gigantic beyond imagining, then the few in the last sentence may be a few billion. Either way the number of worlds on which life is reaching out to other stars will be immense. I believe most worlds will still be devoid of life but the number with life will be miraculously huge.

The Fate of the Universe and LifeSeed

If the fate of the universe in terms of future is infinite, if it is not going to end in a Big Crunch (which seems unlikely) or a Big Rip (which is a worrying possibility), then eventually LifeSeed from perhaps an infinite number of worlds will spread out to fill cover every world in every galaxy to form a single network of intercommunicating life forms that stretches across what perhaps may be an infinite universe.

Hope for the Big Balance

I hope that the dark energy, which is propelling us toward a Big Rip, is actually gospel (good news). I am hopeful that life can use the dark energy to condense more matter. If E = Mc2 then M = E/c2 so if the ever expanding universe produces ever more dark energy in the form of vacuum energy and if life can find a way to use that energy to condense matter out of energy at the right rate, then it should be possible to control the rate of expansion of the universe so that expansion goes on forever but the Big Freeze never happens because the ever increasing dark energy supplies the heat needed to keep life running fast and happy. I think of this fate of the universe as the Big Balance. However, the word fate implies that there is nothing one can do about it, a future that is inevitable. The fates of the universe, the Big Crunch, the Big Rip and the Big Freeze are futures in which life does not play a role. The Big Balance is a goal not a fate. It is a future we can audaciously dare to reach for.

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