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If you'd like to be a CoConvener, add your name to this list and start editing the invitation

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Kindred2011 Invitation

You are receiving this invitation for Kindred2011 because someone finds you inspiring and wants to share the experience of Kindred2011 with you. Kindred are those who are called to Thrive and Kindred2010 is their festival celebrating Life! Like individual cells working in the pattern of a human body, Kindred work within the pattern of The Body of All Life. While our action is often local and specific, our sphere of care encompasses the entire Body of All Life.

At Kindred2011 we come together for a festival of sharing. As we share, the enthusiasm of others re-energizes us. As we share, we weave together the threads of wisdom that each individual and each organization brings. As we share, we experience the love and community of a Greater Movement.

Please add your name to the list of those planning to attend Kindred2011. Then pass along this invitation to others that you want to share the experience with. This event gets its life from the life that we each bring!


Probably at Windward's campground?


to be determined


to be determined

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As we assemble the CoConveners, I think it might make sense to move this invitation and supporting pages to their own website (perhaps ?) that is not as tightly bound to one of the convening organizations. Thoughts? --Brandon

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