June 23, 2011: Online Work Bee

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Check In

  • Shelley ... used up all my gumption ... had to drink coffee the last three days
  • Ben ... feeling like I should do stuff ... but not sure when I'm going to find the time (e.g., political stuff) ... want to start writing in a personal journal again
  • Brandon ... possesses a nice tattoo. Won the Annual Father's Day Schoepflin Sanders Golf Invitational. Doing ok.
  • Sequoia ... Counted the bumblebees and honey bees today with Grandma Shirley. Played in sand at OMSI barefoot. Ate all the chocolate chips off his banana cake. Hard to complain!

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... get modem to take windsurfing so we can do the service ... by next call (Thursday the 23rd)
  • Brandon ... contact Swift about the house raising concept ... by next call
  • Brandon ... pull decisions from the vision exercise ... by next call
  • Brandon ... line Ryan Rhoads up for the caricatures for the Space Elevator conference ... by next call
  • Brandon ... find dvd for lori and Ben's text to include with the dvd ... by next call
  • Shelley ... send another invitation to the Solstice potluck picnic (and go door to door) ... by tomorrow (actually decided not to)
  • Shelley ... do grocery shopping for the hike ... tomorrow
  • Brandon, Shelley, and Ben ... think about the SolSeedCreed ... by Saturday


  • Brandon ... get ticket to space elevator conference ... by end of June
  • Brandon ... get address for Kevin to Shelley ... by end of the call
  • Brandon ... try to get back the book content on TypeWith.Me ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... send Jerry email about the service call ... by tonight
  • Shelley ... mail the dvd to lori ... by next call
  • Shelley ... send book to Ben and 10 books to Kevin F ... by next call
  • Ben ... start the in--depth vision document (to move toward a firm decision) ... by next call

Review Agenda

Next Service Logistics

10am Saturday June 25, 2011 ... Jerry (or Shelley if not Jerry) Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben

Business Call Logistics

  • Brandon has a Buckman Community Association meetings, 6-8:30 PM on Thursdays July 14 and August 11
    • We can probably just start the business call a bit later on those days


2011 1 Year Goals (draft)

  • Village: Start construction on either a backyard cottage or a renovated basement living space
  • Outreach: Two more contributing members
  • Media: Finish the two books and maintain SpaceWiki
  • Spiritual practice: Maintain the spiritual practice (weekly service calls, in-person solstice and equinox events)
  • Service: $10,000 or 200 hour contribution (or some combination) to a service project that brings life
  • Industry: Apply for an SBIR grant related to launching life to another world (possibly a space catapult)

2011 3rd Quarter Goals, due 9/30/2011

  • Seed Village
    • Yellow: Get a good sense for the cost of the basement option (practically a bid)
    • Green: Either decide not to do the basement option, or create concept plans for the basement
    • Super Green: Get at least two bids for construction of the basement option
  • Outreach
    • Yellow: Identify one likely Meetup Group in Portland to participate in
    • Green: Identify at least 4 prospective SolSeed members by declaration by attending meetups for that group
    • Super Green: Hold a meetup for that group that introduces SolSeed
  • Media:
    • Yellow: Attend the Space Elevator Conference with our SpaceWiki table
    • (super) Green: Publish a draft of SolSeed: Helping Life Thrive, On Earth And Beyond (sans pictures)
  • Spiritual practice
    • Yellow: Have an equinox celebration
    • Green: Maintain the weekly calls, experiment with some sort of daily practice that lasts at least two weeks
    • Super Green: Incorporate the Church


  • Shelley ... is asleep (gently snoring)
  • Ben ... I would say it went pretty well
  • Brandon ... feel good about hitting our goals, bad about needing to go over on the work-bees
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