June 21, 2015, Solstice trip to Maryhill

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For the 2015 Summer Solstice, Brandon, Shelley, Sequoia, Ren, and Ben took a short camping trip to Maryhill, Washington, a tiny town on the Columbia Gorge with a nice campground and great views. In addition to the Gorge itself and Mt. Hood to the west, there are wind turbines on the hills to the north, as well as a nearby Stonehenge replica where we performed our Drumming the Eons ritual (a little ways away so as not to disturb the other visitors to the site, which was built as a war memorial).

We also did a YayLifeTri:

  • Shelley swam back and forth in the river while Brandon and the boys splashed around.
  • We walked back to the campsite.
  • Sequoia and Ren biked back and forth to a nearby picnic shelter seven times.

Click here to view Ben's photos of the event, as well as one video showing the wind turbines in action.

Click here to view Shelley's photos of the event, which are taken with a much better camera.

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