June 15, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review Agenda
  • Next Service Logistics
  • Next Business Call Logistics
  • See Seed-Village-Decisions
  • ASF
  • Solstice
  • One Page Plan ... peel off next steps
  • Space Elevator Conference
  • Video
  • Evaluation

Check In

  • Shelley ... hungry from day of running errands
  • Ben ... don't know how I am, looking forward to hike thing
  • Brandon ... have an amazing amount of stuff to do ... just trying to muddle my way through it
  • Sequoia ... testing the boundaries of bed-time the last two nights

WWWs from last time

  • Shelley ... check in with Jerry for Saturday service ... by today
  • Shelley ... personally invite Heather, Meg, and parents ... by next call
  • Brandon ... publish 20 copies of the children's book ... by next call
  • Brandon ... find decisions from the past for Seed Village (from meeting notes, seed village pages, etc) ... by Tuesday
  • Brandon ... submit abstract for space elevator conference ... by June 11
  • Brandon ... personally invite parents, sister and nephews, and John ... by next call
  • Shelley & Brandon ... run the calendar (space elevator conference, Orlando, E & E wedding)
  • Ben... send out an emails with invitation to the two Solstice events ... by next call
  • Ben ... invite parents to Solstice hike ... by next call
  • Ben ... put my notes from the Vision Workshop on the wiki ... by next call


  • Brandon ... get modem to take windsurfing so we can do the service ... by next call (Thursday the 23rd)
  • Brandon ... talk to Swift about the house raising concept ... by next call
  • Brandon ... pull decisions from the vision exercise ... by next call
  • Brandon ... line Ryan Rhoads up for the caricatures for the Space Elevator conference ... by next call
  • Brandon ... get ticket to space elevator conference ... by end of June
  • Brandon ... find dvd for lori and Ben's text to include with the dvd ... by next call
  • Shelley ... mail the dvd to lori ... by next call +1
  • Shelley ... send another invitation to the Solstice potluck picnic (and go door to door) ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... do grocery shopping for the hike ... tomorrow
  • Brandon, Shelley, and Ben ... think about the SolSeedCreed ... by Saturday

Review Agenda

Next Service Logistics

10am Saturday June 25, 2011 ... Jerry (or Shelley if not Jerry) Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben

Next Business Call Logistics

  • Thursday evenings 8:30-9:30 until further notice.
  • Discuss next quarterly goals

Seed Village

  • Seed-Village-Decisions
  • Basement/house-raising project
    • Acceptable to Ben
    • Not sure if Swift is into this type of project


  • Would like to have some sort of environment related imagery in the video (coal-fired power plant next to nuclear perhaps?)
  • Consider Randall Munroe ... author of xkcd for board/advisory position
  • Just got Phil P as new board member
  • Ben: Need to find a way to not be embarrassed by link to SolSeed


  • John is planning to come down, but might not
    • He might want a place to stay the night, although currently planning to drive down and back in the same day
    • Brandon and Shelley could host him on Friday ... Brandon is emailing him about it
  • Ben can stay with his family
  • Food for up to 16 people
    • 1 package of turkey dogs, 4 cans of vegetarian hot dogs, 32 buns
    • Mayo, ketchup, mustard
    • hummus, pita chips
    • kettle chips (Ben)
    • big container of water
    • Strawberries, shortcake
    • Relish items ... carrots, celery, olives
    • Potato salad (Heather)
    • Camp stove
    • Propane
    • Hot dog roasting sticks
    • Firewood and fixins
    • Marshmallows, chocolate


2011 1 Year Goals (draft)

  • Village: Start construction on STWAUTHMTJOFLOYP
  • Outreach: Two more contributing members
  • Media: Finish the two books and maintain SpaceWiki
  • Spiritual practice: Maintain the spiritual practice (weekly service calls, in-person solstice and equinox events)
  • Service: $10,000 or 200 hour contribution (or some combination) to a service project that brings life
  • Industry: Apply for an SBIR grant related to launching life to another world (possibly a space catapult)

Space Elevator Conference

  • August 12-14
  • Get tickets sometime this month to get early bird rates

Pick a Future

  • Need to ping Lori


  • Shelley ... very productive
  • Ben ... makes me feel like we're accomplishing stuff, which is good given the big gap
  • Brandon ... just excited about hitting our targets on the One-Page Plan
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