June 12, 2016: Business Call

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Sunday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Shaping Change Conference
  • Festival of the Teacher
  • Opportunity: embrace online
  • August Event
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Brandon … Depressed, but having some glimmer of hope
  • Ben … I feel really sleepy today, and I’m ⅔ of the way through the Childhood’s End mini-series and frankly not that impressed
  • Eric … the launch of the United Launch Alliance Delta-4 yesterday was impressive, and I watched this video of a Tesla Model X racing an Italian sports-car (while towing another copy of the sports-car) and it still won.

Opening Blessing

Our movement has come a long way in figuring out what we want to be and how we want to relate to the world. And we still have a long way to go. May we remain committed to the path we walk even as it seems to grow longer. May we perservere. --Blessed Be

WW(W)s from long ago

Organize the WW(W)s by person and then due date if desired. We’ll start checking in on topical community protocol and meditation for each mini-period between workbees. Holacracy founder Brian Robertson says these are bad: http://holacracy.org/blog/the-insanity-of-the-what-by-when

  • Brandon … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Brandon … discuss Solstice options with Shelley … by the Work bee
  • Ben … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing (Ben is not counting it as regular)
  • Eric … meditate regularly with Ben ... ongoing
  • Eric … meditate regularly with Brandon ... ongoing


  • Brandon … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Ben … meditate regularly with Eric ... ongoing
  • Eric … meditate regularly with Ben ... ongoing
  • Eric … meditate regularly with Brandon ... ongoing

Weekly Events Logistics


  • June 16 Work-Bee: 6:30 PM PST / 21:30 EST


Service rotation: Eric, Ben, Shelley, Brandon
  • June 18 Service: 8 AM PST / 11 EST … Eric
  • June 18 Earthseed Service 3 PM PST / 18:00 EST … John
  • June 19 Business Call: 5:30 PM PST / 20:30 EST

Shaping Change

  • Ben and Brandon are both questioning what's next for SolSeed after our experiences at the conference
    • Brandon processed this a bit with Shelley and feels like there are two opportunities of kindred people, John's Earthseed and the Shaping Change crew, and he's not sure what the next steps are for either of them
    • Ben is still wondering (because we didn’t talk to anyone about it at the conference) whether we need to stop being about bringing Octavia’s fictional religion into the real world because it will offend. Should we go back to the renaming conversation we had, e.g. call ourselves the Church of Gaia, Mother of Worlds? Of course, it is a much more difficult conversation if John gets involved with it because he wants the whole thing, not just the bit about bringing life to communities and to the stars.
      • Brandon: another way of phrasing that would be “Who owns the Earthseed brand?”
      • Ben: the answer: Octavia Butler’s estate.
      • Brandon: One (of many reasons) Ayana and some of the other organizers are hesitant to engage with us is because we risk upsetting the estate.
      • Ben: I'd say we should contact the estate.
      • Eric: Maybe we should use the name Biospheric Communionism
      • Brandon: Being nspired by Earthseed is not a problem.
      • Ben: but we are using copyrighted language. We need it less than John does, so it could be harder for John (who is quoting Book of the Living)
      • Ben: what I am really uncertain about is how to engage with the Octavia Butler fans of colour (or other communities of color). I don't feel like we know how to connect with any communities other than maybe naturalistic Pagans.
      • Brandon: they are not of one mind, they are individuals … engage with those who are interested in engaging with us
      • Eric: We are who we are.
      • Brandon: Whoever comes is the right people.
      • Eric: We care about what we care about.
  • Ben: we’ll all think about it and more can come up elsewhere during this call

Festival of the Teacher


Simple skill teaching brainstorm is now in their doc, bottom of page 3

Opportunity: Embracing online

Brandon: I have a vision; people with strong affinity for what we're about are distributed in space and time and instead of doing something in meat-space we did everything online, with the ability to shift in time and space. Imagine using, say, an iPad Pro with whoever is in meat-space with me and if I am a follower, I participate with their recording and my voice gets added to the space and passed to the next person who uses it as a recording. We can be in nature. No need for a network connection during the ritual.

We have a high quality software container with video and a service flow stepping through the parts of each season's sabbath ritual. And then we have something to sync with even as the first person. In a way it sucks but if we embrace what feels like a limitation we could.

Features; software tells you what the next bit is. Plays recordings of that piece. Lets you pause the play as needed and record overdubs onto it. Auto-loads and uploads content. Has some way of protecting privacy.

I don’t like publishing videos of us sitting in our living rooms. They are sterile and not connected to the wilderness we love.

August Event

Brandon invited Ola and her family and suggested she could lead a service on Sunday morning, August 14th … also mentioned an unconference about Earthseed-ish organizations and Acorn-like communities


  • Brandon … I'm a hot mess, but thank you guys for cooling me off and sweeping me up … I hope you'll be there next time I melt again
  • Eric … I am happy to see smiles on this call and I am glad we were able to work together today.
  • Ben … I’m sad that we don’t get to go to Orcas Island but also relieved because I have too many trips.


May Eric be filled with loving kindness. May Eric be well. May Eric be peaceful and at ease. May Ben be happy. May Ben be filled with loving kindness. May Ben be well. May Ben be peaceful and at ease. May Ben be happy. May Brandon be filled with loving kindness. May Brandon be well. May Brandon be peaceful and at ease. May Brandon be happy. May Shelley be filled with loving kindness. May Shelley be well. May Shelley be peaceful and at ease. May Shelley be happy. Long may it be so. -- Blessed Be and Amen

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