July 7, 2011: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review Agenda
  • Next Service Logistics
  • Space Elevator Conference
  • One Page Plan
  • Evaluation

Check In

  • Shelley ... had such a good day ... strawberry picking with Sequoia
  • Brandon ... was sick today ... foot is almost healed
  • Ben ... kind of stressed at work ... juggling lots of tasks ... had nice feedback
  • Sequoia ... also had a good day ... picked strawberries and blueberries ... played in garden ... kept repeating "Dexter fell ... funny hahaha!" because he saw Dexter fall off the fence

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... give Jason a status update ... by next call
  • Shelley ... find camera and upload hike photos ... by Monday
  • Shelley ... let Jerry know about the next service ... by Tonight


  • Brandon ... get ticket to space elevator conference ... by July 10 (website was broken today)
  • Brandon ... invite John to meet us during the Space Elevator Conference ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... invite Jerry to next service ... by tonight
  • Ben ... contact Bryan and David about Shelley watching Brandon's talk ... by tonight
  • Ben ... look up mass of Edwards elevator design ... by next call

Next Service Logistics

10am Saturday July 9, 2011 ... Brandon Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben Shelley will invite Jerry right now

Space Elevator Conference

  • Updates to the website?
    • A page on the Space Elevator, at a minimum
    • Caricatures (and articles) of all the speakers?
    • Still considering solutions to the spam problem
  • Shelley will come up with Sequoia on Saturday, to avoid missing work
    • But won't attend the conference
    • Brandon can take the train so Shelley can have the car

Brandon's talk: Bootstrap the Space Elevator via Solar Driven Railroad

  • Give a partial practice talk on July 16
    • Probably just for Shelley, Jerry, and Ben
  • Give a complete practice talk on July 24
    • Keith L because he's looked into the tech details
    • Someone with good presentation skills
  • PowerPoint due by July 29
  • Presentation on August 14
  • Full supporting paper isn't due until August 29


2011 1 Year Goals

  • Village: Start construction on either a backyard cottage or a renovated basement living space
  • Outreach: Two more contributing members
  • Media: Finish the two books and maintain SpaceWiki
  • Spiritual practice: Maintain the spiritual practice (weekly service calls, in-person solstice and equinox events)
  • Service: $10,000 or 200 hour contribution (or some combination) to a service project that brings life
  • Industry: Apply for an SBIR grant related to launching life to another world (possibly a space catapult)

2011 3rd Quarter Goals, due 9/30/2011

Seed Village

  • Yellow: Get a good sense for the cost of the basement option (practically a bid)
  • Green: Either decide not to do the basement option, or create concept plans for the basement
  • Super Green: Get at least two bids for construction of the basement option


  • Yellow: Identify one likely Meetup Group in Portland to participate in
  • Green: Identify at least 4 prospective SolSeed members by declaration by attending meetups for that group
  • Super Green: Hold a meetup for that group that introduces SolSeed


  • Yellow:
    • Attend the Space Elevator Conference with our SpaceWiki table
    • Put out a 2nd-Quarter Report newsletter
  • Green: Brandon gives a talk at the Space Elevator Conference that he's really proud of
  • Super Green: Publish a draft of SolSeed: Helping Life Thrive, On Earth And Beyond (sans pictures)

Spiritual practice

  • Yellow: Have an equinox celebration
  • Green:
    • Maintain the weekly calls
    • Experiment with some sort of daily practice that lasts at least two weeks
  • Super Green: Interview at least three people in great detail about their reactions to the church concept


  • Shelley ... thought we did good (start, all the way through, end)
  • Ben ... productive, made progress on an actual project, a little sad that we missed an agenda item
  • Brandon ... I like actually working on things during the call ... more rewarding than discussing future work ... on the other hand, we didn't get WWWs figured out very well as a result
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