July 19, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Discuss the Backyard Cottage
  • Review WWWs
  • SpaceWiki
  • July Newsletter
  • Book

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... images to Kevin
  • Brandon ... script to add users to spacewiki.com ... almost done
  • Brandon ... find and revive script for adding people's names to their caricatures
  • Brandon ... touch base with 1 potential sponsor
  • Brandon ... touch base with conference organizers
  • Brandon ... take a cropped eco-village mural painting photo
  • Brandon ... refresh email to Maggie
  • Shelley ... order ink for caricature printer
  • Shelley ... check airline for carry-on dimensions for printer
  • Shelley ... upload the mural photo to the wiki
  • Ben ... print out caricatures 4"x6" on glossy photo paper and SpaceWiki sign on plain paper ... by next call
  • Ben ... put together some materials for the cottage (floorplan, maybe a crude 3D visualization) ... by next call
  • Ben ... create Space Hippies page on the wiki ... by next call


  • Dress code?
    • Business casual-ish
  • Sign for booth?
    • Could just not have a sign and make people ask what it is, but Ben doesn't like that
    • Just go with 8 1/2 x 11 page with low-res logo

July Newsletter draft

  • We held the Longest Day Party as planned, in Brandon and Shelley's lovely backyard, with quite a few friends and neighbors dropping in at various times. There was good food and a low-key celebration of the turning of the seasons, and Charles Radley contributed the space-age aspect by handing out some copies of Ad Astra magazine.
  • Speaking of Brandon and Shelley's backyard, we've started work on a plan to eventually move Ben from Seattle to the SolSeed Eco-Village in Portland. The backyard cottage is a different model of urban density than condo towers. We're looking to create a cottage that is both aesthetically pleasing and a model of environmental sustainability. It will not include a kitchen; the central eco-village kitchen will be in the main house to facilitate sharing of meals and daily connection.
  • In the SolSeed Book Club, we finished reading Parable of the Sower and have moved on to Parable of the Talents. We'll be finishing that book in two weeks and starting on a third, as yet undetermined book.
  • Following up on our success at the Earth Day festival, SolSeed will be hosting another mural painting at the August 8 Buckman neighborhood picnic, in Colonel Summers park in Portland. We look forward to bringing life SolSeed-style in Buckman neighborhood (our neighborhood yay!).



  • Brandon ... script to add users to http://spacewiki.com ... by Thursday
  • Brandon ... find and revive script for adding people's names to their caricatures ... by Thursday
  • Brandon ... touch base with 1 potential sponsor ... by Thursday
  • Brandon ... touch base with conference organizers ... by Thursday
  • Brandon ... connect with Ryan to reinforce protocol for the actual event ... by Thursday
  • Ben ... call Brandon to touch base ... at lunchtime on Thursday
  • Ben ... print out the SpaceWiki logo on a single standard page ... by Thursday
  • Shelley ... throw out all the old peanut butter jars and make sure new ones are washed and neatly prepared ... by Friday
  • Shelley ... assess brushes and paint; make list of supplies needed ... by Friday
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