July 12, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Review WWWs
  • SpaceWiki
  • Book
  • 1 Page Plan
  • Outreach
  • Curious Little Rocket/Happy in the Sun
  • Kindred 2010

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... suggest a lunch or breakfast with Jair via email ... by Monday
  • Brandon ... create a $40 adwords campaign ... just for practice ... by Monday
  • Brandon ... replace background with SpaceWiki skin v0.01 from Ben and clear out logo ... by Monday
  • Brandon ... let Ryan know we'd really like to have the logo cartoon ... by Tuesday
  • Ben ... read the help for adwords ... by next call
  • Ben ... compile cartoons into the SpaceWiki skin v0.1 (top edge image) ... by Saturday
  • Shelley ... buy groceries and clean the house for the person doing the adwords :-)


  • AddUser script
  • Signage for booth
  • Print caricatures we have
  • Get materials for printing and cutting caricatures
  • Connect with potential sponsors


Started on Chapter 3: Reconnecting with Mother Earth and wrote 709 words


Goals (1 Year)

  • Income run rate of $100,000/year (~$9000/month) -- Brandon
  • Place: Ownership of a site by Winter Solstice 2010 -- not Mark anymore
    • Note: We could say we've already met this goal if Brandon and Shelley's house is the initial site
  • Media: Publish 2 SolSeed books, a 15 minute video, and a great website -- Ben
    • 2nd book hasn't moved in months
    • Website: front page looks cooler, but need to work on it more
  • Spiritual Community: Regular, impactful ceremonies led by multiple people -- Shelley
    • Going very well

3rd Quarter Goals

  • SpaceWiki:
    • Yellow ... Created sponsor-specific inspiring materials and approached one potential sponsor with those materials
    • Green ... One thorough sponsorship campaigns
    • Super Green ... Five thorough sponsorship campaigns
  • Place:
    • Yellow ... firm decision and commitment for pocket cottage timeline
    • Green ... inspiring concept plans for the pocket cottage
    • Super Green ... plans you could build from, and a builder
  • Media:
    • Yellow ... work on it every other week, average 250 words/week (500 per sesson)
    • Green ... average 500 words/week for the big book all quarter
    • Super Green ... average 1400 words/week for the big book all quarter


  • Brandon met with Gus
  • Molly & Matthew coming over later

Children's book

  • Kevin is working on the book, Brandon needs to send images

Kindred 2010

  • We may get Gus as a co-convener with his organizations, Green Grange and a Mars group


  • Brandon ... images to Kevin
  • Brandon ... script to add users to spacewiki.com
  • Brandon ... find and revive script for adding people's names to their caricatures
  • Brandon ... touch base with 1 potential sponsor
  • Brandon ... touch base with conference organizers
  • Brandon ... take a cropped eco-village mural painting photo
  • Brandon ... refresh email to Maggie
  • Brandon ... give Sherry info about how to sign up
  • Shelley ... order ink for caricature printer
  • Shelley ... check airline for carry-on dimensions for printer
  • Shelley ... upload the mural photo to the wiki
  • Ben ... print out caricatures 4"x6" on glossy photo paper and SpaceWiki sign on plain paper ... by next call
  • Ben ... put together some materials for the cottage (floorplan, maybe a crude 3D visualization) ... by next call
  • Ben ... create Space Hippies page on the wiki ... by next call
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