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Jesus is the personification of re-emergent complexity. He gives us hope because no matter how badly we fail, Lifekind, like Jesus rising again on the third day, can re-emerge and produce a space faring civilization about ten quadrillion times (rough estimate) in the observable universe during the period of star formation based on an average of just one civilization arising per galaxy every 10 billion years (the observed rate?).

Everything we value is a form of emergent complexity. Gold? Gold is a heavy (complex) element which emerged (and re-emerges) from the process of stars dying. Fast Cars? A complex coming together of many technologies each of which emerge (and re-emerge) from the inventive nature of intelligence which itself is an emergent phenomenon arising from evolution (and re-arising as seen in molluscs, vertebrates, insects to various degrees). Love? Love is a complex of emotions and attitudes which emerged from the social interaction of numerous intelligences interacting. Given that intelligence is re-emergent and social interaction is re-emergent (again insects and many separate groups of vertebrates make excellent examples) then Love or close variants of what we call love are bound to re-emerge. Beauty emerges from the senses and modelling of the intelligent observer. What one person sees as beautiful might not be to another person's taste and vice versa. Therefore, in a sense, beauty re-emerges regularly in every intelligence.

This idea that the loss of one wonderful thing is not tragic because in the immensity of time and space it is bound to re-emerge again and again is the gift that Jesus gives us by dying and rising again. Whether you believe he really existed or whether you doubt his historicity, his story never-the-less holds this meaning and so we can celebrate his story together, non-believers and believers, because of the hope it kindles in us.

Jesus makes appearances in many chapters of the Metaphoriuminomicon sometimes as the personification of re-emergent complexity but often just as a fictional character with a unique point of view. Here are a few examples:

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