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The Identity Model of Action

Consider the research of James March, a professor of political science at Stanford University. March contends that people use one of two basic models for decision making. The first consequences model involves a mental comparison of alternatives in order to maximize the benefit to cost ratio. The second Identity model uses the answers to three questions to make a decision:

  • Who am I?
  • What kind of situation is this?
  • What would someone like me do in this situation?

These questions of Identity in action are fundamental to our DailyPractice. We believe that a meaningful life comes from bringing life via actions and activities that both reinforce our core identity and help us grow toward the selves we aspire to be.

Action and Reflection are the two pillars of our Daily Practice. We seek to balance and strengthen both pillars. During our reflective Daily Practice we explore the question of "Who am I?" and consider ways to better align our words and our actions with our highest aspirations. During our active Daily Practice we contribute to Life in ways that are consistent with our Identity.

Other Sources Related to Identity

Examples of Declarations of Identity

I am a Starfarer. I Bring Life.

I am SolSeed, a child of the Earth and Sun, awakened by Starlight, growing, nurturing, discovering ... I Bring Life!

I am a stand for the self expression of others. I listen for the greatness in everyone I encounter.

In the style of Landmark Education:

  • "Who I am is the possibility of community and connection."
  • "Who I am is the possibility of self reliance and deep connection with the earth."
  • "Who I am is the possibility of health and dilligence."
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