How have we changed since Seed 2009?

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This was a session at Sol 2014.



Brandon: How has what you want in the world changed since Seed 2009?

  • Brandon: Rainier died during the planning, so it was kind of an autopilot event for us and it was hard to imagine a future
  • Ben: I remember being part of the environmental movement’s obsessive focus on the Copenhagen climate summit
  • Ted: I spent years in the Humanist Movement (a specific organization), trying to create a world where the human being is the central value, rather than money, power, politics, religion, money, or money
    • By 2009 I was leaving the movement, which had filled the space in my life that SolSeed fills in yours
      • There were weekly meetings, and I had done a lot of self-funded trips to Africa
    • Brandon showed me that there is a wider movement, and I saw that people in the Humanist Movement weren’t interested in the wider movement at all
      • Ben: You should read Paul Hawken’s book about the wider movement, Blessed Unrest

Brandon: What have you found that matters since Seed 2009 that makes a difference?

  • Ben: The need to plan for failure of civilization
  • Ted: The idea of people being who they really are
    • I have a two-week-old “Purpose Drives Impact” framework: aligning our lives around what we decide that we’re here (on Earth) for
      • Brandon: I have a similar concept that used to say “be your true self” but changed to “be true to yourself”
      • Eric: the former is about flagellating yourself for not living up to some idealized concept of yourself
    • This framework is the manifestation of years of practice; I already have a book about it planned out
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