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This will be started as a random posting of information and ideas as I get them. Organization will come later. The alternative would be writing in a word processor then uploading here. Don't know which is better but think this will allow input from others as I go along. Please feel free to make suggestions or ask specific questions that you think will help.


Happyhank is in real life an older gentleman with a strong interest in outer and inner space which probably started in the 3rd grade. Anyone here remember Buck Rogers? That comic strip was written by Edgar Rice Burroughs so I felt a kinship. There was a radio program that read the Sunday funnies to listeners that I tried not to miss. That program may have helped many youngsters to become interested in reading as we followed along.

Being raised on a "gentleman" farm (Dad had to work out to support the farm) during my teen years added much background in food production to my knowledge base. Being relatively poor taught good lessons in DIY as paid help was often beyond our means.

The interesting thing to me is that planning for life on another world or under the ocean is very similar to preparation for a self-sufficient, sustainable life style on earth at the present time. I have used these themes several times in my career as a teacher in public schools. Such projects seemed to generate strong interest on the part of students which made learning the material they were required to learn at a particular grade level almost automatic.


Some how I missed reading the EarthSeed series. That may not be all bad as I now have a much great understanding of life so the Octavia E. Butler books make more sense. They seemed of little interest at first, then I hit The Destiny. That was the same as my long time dream!! The fact I grew up (until almost 11y/o) in a suburb (Playa Del Ray) of Los Angles and have lived most of my life on the West Coast so knew the whole area where those stories take place did help maintain my interest.

The change that came about when I accepted the challenge of forming a West Coast branch of the Faerie Hill Ecovillage FB group lead to meeting the founders of SolSeed. There is now a real life basis for the development of the EarthSeed idea. My belief that until we can support ourselves in an earth based Closed Environment Life Support System (CELSS) there is not much hope for long distance space travel.


While there have been experiments involving people sealed in chambers for varying lengths of time, none of them have been self-supporting. Even modern space stations are dependent on regular resupply from the Earth. Some people have compared the CELSS test beds that we have been working on to elaborate greenhouses. This is only true until we reach the level of total recycling (which Faerie hill almost has) where the only outside input will be solar energy. To do this without large funding will be an accomplishment worthy of our best efforts! A village of such structures will make a group of people very independent indeed.

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