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Genevieve Townsend is an artist living in Eganville, Ontario. I first met her in July 2018, when I moved to Eganville. She has displayed her art locally and I fell in love with it the moment I saw it. In September 2019, I was discussing the Gaia/Terra metaphor with Brandon and we were talking about the relationship between the two. Before that date I had always described them as two separate beings. But Brandon suggested that I consider a new metaphor where Gaia is clothing worn by Terra. It was within a month of that conversation that I saw Genevieve's living landscape cloak. If you haven't seen it, you need to. It is the most beautiful piece of clothing you will ever see. It is the basis for Gen's illustrations of Gaia/Terra. I asked Gen to consider illustrating the Metaphoriuminomicon. To my utter joy, she accepted. What she is coming up with in terms of illustrations is so much better than the stories themselves that I am humbled by them.

Here are Genevieve's first illustrations for the Metaphoriuminomicon:

Young Gaia Theory Illustration by Genevieve Townsend

Pisces and You Illustration by Genevieve Townsend

You can find Gen's work on her website. Please give it your support; the world is a more beautiful place because Gen's work is in it.

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