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Let us imagine

Gaia sits on a seesaw in a playground. The playground is landscaped with black sand. Dotted throughout the playground is a dizzying array of glowing balls of fire on lampposts. The lampposts are random heights, some so low to the ground that the ball of fire is scorching the sand, some so tall that the ball of fire is a dim dot in the sky. The flames come in many colours, red, orange, yellow, white and blue. Gaia's end of the seesaw rests in the sand because the other end of the seesaw is unoccupied.

Suddenly a huge hand, holding a burning asteroid and attached to an arm wearing a loose bright white sleeve, reaches down from the sky and with a flick of its huge finger, knocks the unoccupied end of the seesaw to the ground. Gaia's end flies up and she is catapulted across the playground to near the swings. She lies on the ground, barely moving. She moans in pain. The angle of one of her elbows seems wrong. Her leg is bruised.

Your view of her rises up and away from her. From tens of meters up you can see her lying in the playground but as you reach hundreds of meters up, she disappears into the darkness. As you reach a few kilometers up, you realize that the playground is huge, and the lamp posts stretch out in a wide band across the surface of the planet, each one is now just a pinprick of light. As you reach tens of kilometers up, you realize that the band is curved. As you reach hundreds of kilometers up, you look down through the atmosphere and see that the bands of lamp posts form a massive spiral pattern on the surface of the planet. You also begin to notice that the planet is not a perfect sphere but looks a bit like ... a belly. From thousands of kilometers up you can look up and see that the planet is, in fact, the belly of Gaia.

This more powerful, larger Gaia, is walking through a zoo. She reaches one hand down toward her belly and when it comes up again, you see that it is holding a marionette by the strings. The marionette is an old man in a white robe. He is holding a wand in his hand made of two helixes wrapped about each other. Gaia looks into a pond and sees a fish staring back. She points her arm, holding the marionette at the fish and uses the strings to manipulate the old man's arm and the wand. There is a flash of bright light and when your eyes clear, you see that the fish is a salamander crawling on the beach at the edge of the pond. Another flick of Gaia's finger, another flick of the old man's wand, another flash of light and the salamander is a turtle-like creature. Flick, flick, flash. The turtle is replaced by a badger like creature digging in the sand. Flick, flick, flash and the badger like creature is climbing through the trees so quickly that you can see little of its anatomy. You do see fur and claws. Flick, flick, flash. The creature drops from the trees. Now, it is a man but wearing only a few irregular bits of animal skin and with huge brow ridges. Flick, flick, flash and the man is now dressed in a white robe. His brow ridges are gone. He seems angry. He is holding a scythe.

He stands ten times the height of Gaia. He swings his scythe and she flies through the zoo and lands in the baboons' cage. The baboons attack her. Once again, your perspective zooms back until she and the baboons and the zoo disappear into a massive city, the city disappears into the country side as you continue to rise. The countryside forms into continents. The curvature of the world becomes obvious. And once again, you realize that this world is actually Gaia's belly.

She is walking across a strange rubber mat marked by a green grid which extends in all directions as far as the eye can see. With every step she takes she presses into the rubber mat stretching and warping the grid. You see that tiny spinning fireballs are rolling across the rubber mat. When one comes close to Gaia's leg, it curves around the edges of the depression created by Gaia's mass in the rubber mat. It is sent off in a new direction. She reaches down toward her belly and when her hand comes back up, once again she is holding the tiny old man by marionette strings. Flick, flick, flash. A strange depression forms in the mat and a rolling ball of fire is sent flying up into the sky. You can see that there are a whole series of rubber mats above and below you. The ball of fire lands on another rubber mat and begins rolling across it at a fast speed.

A huge foot slams into the rubber mat that Gaia is standing on. The foot is attached to a leg that disappears up into a white robe. Gaia is thrown by the disruption in the elastic mat. She flies through the air and lands on the mat in a crumpled mass. Again you begin to zoom back. Again her body, lying on the mat, disappears from high up. Eventually a man in a white robe appears walking about on the mat. He is much bigger than she was. He is holding a flame thrower and the very fabric of the mat is burning away as he spreads flame. You continue zooming back until the curvature of the mat comes into view...

Gaia shapes God.
God is Change.
God shapes Gaia.

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