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2015-07-20 Monday 12:30 PM


Opening Thought


I come to this place to rest my mind. I use my practice to align my thoughts, words, actions, habits and character with my highest aspirations. Mindfulness from bell to bell.

Ten minute meditation

Report on Meditation

Mind was reasonably quiet. Thoughts passed observed. very little effort. many thought s when let go faded without being completed. Upon returning felt peaceful.

Dharma thoughts

Does Gaia truly demand a contribution?

She does not demand it in words or communicate it in any way. She is personification which is fiction.

But does the Body of all Life which she personifies demand a contribution. Again not in words for it is an abstraction. The hexillion (just a blind guess at the true number) organisms on the Earth do not act as one in any way that we can experience as communication.

So why do we talk about the need to contribute to Gaia? I think that the true answer lies in our nature. We need to live a story. The story we live determines our perception of the meaning of our lives. There are features of a story that are needed in order to make it a good story. Only a good story provides good meaning to our lives.

One feature of a good story is that it must have a hero. Every story has a protagonist and any story you live will have you as the protagonist. But for it to be a good story the protagonist must be a hero. Not a hero like in the old Greek tradition who must be half god. But a hero in the modern ideal, someone who overcomes obstacles, someone who works to better the world, and someone who you can admire for their character.

So our very nature calls us to be a hero. Most of us accept ourselves as heroes in small stories. We raised our children. We performed well at our jobs. Some aim higher. We learned enough from raising our children to use that knowledge to help others raise their children well. We became career mentors. Others still, reach higher. Either they aim for higher achievement or they aim to work with others to make a bigger difference in the world.

The bigger the difference we make, the bigger its scope, the more people that we work with, the more that is achieved, the more that the elements of the goal are aligned with our values, in effect, the more that we are the change we want to see in the world, the better our story is and the more and better meaning our life has.

So as a person of Gaia, we have the value that "Life is Precious". The more that our heroes are aligned with that value, the more meaning that our lives have. If Life is precious then more Life is more Precious. Therefore, the more we contribute to the growth of Life , the more meaningful our lives.

So as social creatures, it is hard to keep that abstract goal in our hearts and guts. We want our goals to be about relationships with people because we evolved working with people. So we personify the abstract concept that will benefit from our goal. We can then ritually enhance our imagined relationship with this personification in order to develop a passionate and instinctive sense of which of our actions contribute to her and which would betray her. With this sense we can guide our life-stories toward aligned meaning.

This is why we imagine the personification of Gaia demanding a contribution.

Recited the SolSeed Creed

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