Gaia Massages Terra for Minerals

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Quotes of the Day

“A farmer knows
That the best way to grow fruit,
is to focus on feeding the roots,"
―Anonymous farmer
Then came the roots!
Digging deep, searching for minerals.
Digging deep, anchoring stems fast.
―SolSeed Viriditas de Terra ritual

Contemplation for the Day

Let us imagine

You are sitting on your elephant in a therapeutic massage clinic. The room contains a single massage table. The walls, floors and ceiling are black and there is a single bright lamp in the corner. The contrast is almost blinding. There are pictures of planets being pummeled by asteroids all around the walls: Jupiter being struck by comet Shoemaker–Levy 9, Terra being struck by a large asteroid in Central America, a massive planetesimal striking Ares to form the Hellas crater. You notice tiny tea lights in tiny sconces distributed randomly up and down and across the walls. You wonder what you are doing there.

Terra is Ready for her Massage Illustration by Genevieve Townsend

Suddenly, the door opens and Terra walks in. She is a young woman and not yet pregnant. Gaia is a pair of blue tights embroidered with images of Silurian sea life, a green bolero jacket embroidered with simple and tiny vascular plants, spiders and centipedes and a matching set of green gloves and a green domino mask. Terra strips off Gaia and tosses her in the corner of the room in a crumpled pile and then lies down on the massage table and says to herself, "I am so ready for a massage. After an Eon or two of Gaia covering me and interfering with the circulation of carbon and water and nitrogen, I need to relax and let loose." She closes her eyes and goes to sleep while she waits.

You are about to step forward and start her massage (what else would you be here for?) when Gaia stands up and puts a gloved finger to where her mouth would be, if she had one, indicating that you should be quiet. She steps up the bed and puts her gloved ethereal hands on Terra. It is a strange sight to see a few pieces of clothing floating in mid air. Gaia's gloves spread out just above Terra's back leaving only a few millimeters of space and little rootlets grow down from the palms of the gloves and tickle Terra's back.

"Oooo! That feels good," Terra moans, "Those minerals haven’t moved in ages, they have just been locked in place." Gaia continues to work, building soil between her roots and Terra continues to coo, "Oh, therapeutic mud mask, I like it!"

Gaia focuses her mind carefully controlling a billion trillion tiny rootlets as they probe Terra's stony skin.

Terra responds, "Your teasing me, you are only unlocking trace amounts of Cobalt, Molybdenum, Lithium, Manganese, Chromium, Selenium, Iodine and Copper. Why don't you want to move those elements around in quantity?"

Gaia continues to work while Terra asks, "You are really focused on Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sulfur, Chlorine, Sodium, Magnesium, Iron, Fluorine, Zinc and Silicon. What is up with that?"

Gaia begins to work in circular motions and Terra continues to coo, "Oh cycles! You are cycling all of those elements through my water tables and soils and sediments and in some cases my atmosphere. I like it!"

Gaia expands her movements to cover all of Terra, head to toe.

Terra releases a deep sigh, "I feel so much more than I was; my minerals are circulating all over my surface in such complicated ways. I can feel it all becoming more and more intricate. Plants and animals are concentrating and then dispersing specific minerals, building complex molecules with them. I feel so alive! All of my skin is tingling!"

Gaia works a while longer, but she seems to be melting down, all of the bits of clothing flowing toward Terra. Terra mutters softly to herself, "I feel so complete, I feel so relaxed, I could sleep. I am starting to feel chilly." She yawns a fiery yawn and then falls to sleep.

Gaia collapses, flowing over Terra's body like green lava, forming a thick dark-green terry cloth bathrobe to keep Terra warm. The bathrobe is embroidered with hundreds of animated images of tiny plants.

While the goddesses are sleeping, you sneak out of the room and back to your normal life.

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