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Let us imagine

Look up into the sky with me. See that we sit on the belly of a world, the belly of a World Mother, the belly of Gaia. Look through the sky to the metaphorical universe beyond.

Gaia sits before a small alter in a massive ornate domed room. To her left Ares sits before her own small alter. Ares looks to her mother and Gaia smiles back. Then Gaia glances to her right and sees another of her daughters, Ceres sitting before her small alter and smiles. Around the massive ornate domed room all of Gaia's daughters sit before alters, Europa, Titan, Eris and Sedna are among the many. They all are marked with The Blue and Green of Life Thriving but each has her own colours added in: the colours of Life adapting to a myriad of worlds, red and yellow and black and silver.

Around the room a series of large ornate monitors sit before holographic alters and as the time for the beginning of the service approaches, the monitors turn on and reveal alien world mothers sitting before their alters in other rooms orbiting other stars. This eon it is Eris's turn to lead the service. She stands and walks to the base of a huge statue in the middle of the domed room and speaks to the congregation. The statue is of a beautiful tentacled goddess and stands many times taller than the tallest world mother. Her tentacles are tipped with ovipositors and just before each tip is a swelling in the tentacle, an ovary. But each ovary is also a world and there are so many worlds, so many tentacles...

'Welcome world mothers, let us begin.' Eris calls out soothingly her voice self-amplified as only a goddess' voice can be, 'We gather to mark the passing of an eon, to unite our hearts as one.

'Living worlds ... everywhere ... living worlds And then... <gasp> ... living solar systems...

Each world mother lights a candle on the lower right corner of her alter.

'Atmospheres, Technology, Adaptation, Spacefaring Life'

'Throughout the universe, galaxies give birth to living solar systems, Each a trillion worlds thriving with life, Each a trillion worlds trading genes and memes and seeds and signals, Each a trillion worlds striving to flower and spread.

'And for every living solar system there is a story,' all the world-mother's make the opening book sign as they smile at each other.

'Our story began with Gaia, the galaxy mother.' all the other world mothers bow toward Gaia, 'the first mother in our galaxy, The mother of all spacefaring life in Via Lactea, The mother whose beginning is our beginning.

'Our story will continue with New Living Solar Systems, ' each world mother lights two more Living Solar System candles right next to their First Candles so that the room is so full of bright points that it looks like the night sky, 'the Exponential Growth that increases Life's Scope, The Exponential Growth that leads to a Living Galaxy.'

'And we will listen to the universe, ' Each world mother unveils a radio telescope on her alter, "and we will watch the universe, " each world mother unveils an optical telescope on her alter, "and, someday, we will have First Detection of other Living Solar Systems in Other Galaxies." each world mother lights another candle on the upper left corner of their alter.

'And we will speak to the Other Galaxies,'

Each world mother calls in unison, 'Hey You.' and then the room is filled with laughter.

When they recover, Eris continues, 'And we will listen to their responses, And we will have First Contact, And we will no longer be alone,

'And we will strive toward those Other Galaxies,' Each world mother takes one of her New Solar System candles and places it next to her First Detection candle. 'And we will join with those Other Galaxies, As cells joined together to become bodies in the Ediacaran Origin, and we will become Theá Me Plokámia-LifeSeed, the Body of all Life in the Universe.' Each world mother bows toward the statue in the middle of the room.

'Gaia, New Living Solar Systems, First Detection, First Contact, Theá Me Plokámia.'

'From living worlds to a living universe.' Eris pauses having finished the opening words, "the prayer today is one that Triton wrote many eons ago. Let us pray ..."

As Eris begins her prayer your eyes become tired and are no longer able to see through the sky to the metaphorical universe beyond. Please join me for seven minutes of restful contemplation as our minds are filled with visions of goddesses praying to greater goddesses and as we imagine what creed goddesses might share.

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