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James Lovelock's controversial Gaia theory states that in some respects, all life on Earth acts as a single organism, named for the Greek Earth goddess Gaia, which regulates Earth's environmental conditions in much the same way a human body regulates its internal environment. To pick a simple example: as warm-blooded creatures, humans automatically regulate our body temperatures to keep them in a narrow range somewhere around 37.5 degrees Celsius. Similarly, Lovelock believes that by regulating the levels of greenhouse gases in the air, Gaia has kept the range of temperatures on Earth's surface within the spread of less than 100 degrees Celsius necessary to support life, even as Sol has grown gradually hotter over the past four billion years.

The SolSeed movement has begun to use Gaia a lot as a symbol for the biosphere. The logic underlying our use of Gaia stems for Jonathan Haight's Elephant and Rider Metaphor. The elephant represents the power our subconscious minds have over our actions and emotions. Our subconscious minds are highly influenced by personal relationships but are not very interested in abstract intellectual concepts. We believe that viscerally caring about the biosphere is important to human survival and to humanity as a whole finding meaning in this universe. But the biosphere is an abstract intellectual concept. So to train ourselves to care about it, we are performing a long term experiment in exploring the Gaia membership. Each member of the movement is developing personal relationships with an imagined personification of the biosphere, Gaia, we hope to modify our behaviour as determined by subconscious minds, such that our day-to-day actions and long term goals become aligned with the needs of the biosphere of which we are a part.

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