February 26, 2012: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review Agenda
  • Next Service Logistics
  • Read Eric's user page
  • Major Events: Equinox
  • Book
  • Evaluation

Check In

  • Ben ... okay, reading the Borrowers books ... there is a character named Tom Goodenough (real last name)
  • Shelley ... don't feel well physically, but ok otherwise ... still have to work hard on laundry
  • Brandon ... excited about Eric, the most recent member on SolSeed.org
  • Sequoia ... great! had a great day, always asking "How was your day?" and wanting others to ask him the same, pushing boundaries, responds to boundaries

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... follow your topical community protocol for this week ... ongoing (just SolSeed for now)
  • Brandon ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon ... talk to Shelley about conferences ... by next call
  • Brandon ... finish the Preface and introduction ... by next call (worked on it a lot, about 4 hours)
  • Shelley ... follow your topical community protocol for this week ... ongoing
  • Shelley ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Shelley ... ping Meg about food and content for the Sabbath service ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley ... mail the invitation and check to Lori ... by next call (don't have her address yet)
  • Shelley ... go to Joanne's to get stuff for the equinox with Kristianne ... by next call
  • Shelley ... get reading for the traditional service ... by Saturday
  • Ben ... follow your topical community protocol for this week ... ongoing
  • Ben ... meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Ben ... write a section on Passion, Empathy, and Wisdom ... by next call
  • Ben ... start on the background for the second shot of Something You Learn ... by next call
  • Ben ... explore Portland's historical attributes ... by next call


  • Shelley ... call Lori ... tomorrow
  • Shelley ... mail the last invitations ... by next call
  • Shelley ... go to Portland Nursery to buy planting activity materials, and do test plantings ... by next call
  • Shelley ... work on the gathering song with Brandon ... by next call
  • Brandon ... make my opening for the equinox ... by next call
  • Brandon ... nutrient cycle demo planned ... by next call
  • Brandon ... look into a sun light ... by next call
  • Brandon ... put in 4 good hours on chapter 1&2 of the book ... by next call

Next Service Logistics

Regular Service Saturday March 3, 3pm (Ben)
Rotation: Brandon, Jerry?, Shelley, Ben



  • Kristianne and Family (helping)
  • Heather and Family (helping)

Handmade invitations sent

  • Jeff & Family
  • Emily & Family
  • Laura & Family
  • Mabel & Family
  • All of Sequoia's classmates and his teachers

Electronic invitations posted

  • Meetup.com group
  • Facebook group

Haven't sent invitations yet

  • Usher Milligans
  • Ben's parents


  • 9:30 Brief Opening (Brandon)
  • Family Activities
    • Earth seasons demonstration (Ben)
    • The nutrient cycle (Brandon)
    • Planting and watering (Shelley & Heather)
    • Making ribbon things for dance (Shelley & Kristianne)
  • 10:15 Gathering dance
  • 10:30 Brief Concert (Lori)
    • Have most people sit on mats on the floor, with chairs around the edge of the room
  • Blessing before the brunch
  • 11:00 Brunch


  • clean up the cat's poop in the back yard
  • clean the back porch



  • Front cover picture: a thriving family, nature, community etc
  • Back cover picture: life spreading out from Earth
  • Back cover explains the two parts in brief

Preface by Brandon

  • Happy in the sun
  • More or less alive

Introduction to the book

  • Describes the two major parts of the book and how they relate (perhaps points out some specific treats from each part)

Part 1: A Vision for Life

  • Chapter 1: Life - It's our epic story
    • Life is worthy of veneration
    • The upward spiral of life
    • The "body of all life"
    • Who you are
    • Your calling
  • Chapter 2: Bringing life to ourselves
    • Getting into action
    • Science-based spirituality
    • Religion-shaped hole
    • Multiple Selves
    • The Divided Self
    • The motivation paradox
    • Passion, empathy, and wisdom
    • More?
  • Chapter 3: Reconnecting with Mother Earth (bring life to our world)
    • A scientific creation myth
    • Two ways of living
    • People are animals too
    • Avoiding the other extreme
    • An end to progress?
    • Crossing the gap
    • What can I do?
  • Chapter 4: Building a society that brings life (bring life to each other and our communities)
    • Our eco-village vision (as an example) (?)
    • Gatherings of kindred
    • The broader movement (unfinished)
    • More

Part 2: The SolSeed Movement

  • Chapter 5: Thriving on Earth
    • Defining what we mean by "Starfarer"
    • Growing the movement
    • Forming SolSeed communities
    • Spiritual practices
    • SolSeed businesses
    • SolSeed education
  • Chapter 6: Taking root amongst the stars (bring life to our solar system and beyond)
    • Orbiting mini-worlds
    • Biospheres 3, 4, 5, etc.
    • Terraforming/ecopoeisis: a multi-species joint venture
    • Adapting to new worlds
    • Generations between the stars
    • On our own, far from home
    • Coexisting with alien biospheres
    • Uplift and psychopoeisis
  • Chapter 7: Getting involved (Call to action)
    • Tell the world who you are
    • Attend events
    • Cultivate a topical community
    • Join the work bees
    • More?


  • Brandon ... I feel really good about where the book is headed
  • Shelley ... I feel good about the call, I felt it was productive and that we moved along and didn't get bogged down
  • Ben ... I agree with Shelley, and the book is pretty good too, and needs a lot of work
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