February 21, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Review WWWs
  • Send out the February newsletter
  • Sponsorship of August picnic
  • Update OnePagePlan on http://SolSeed.org/OnePagePlan ... still doesn't have Q1 2010
  • Work on Book Chapter
  • Work on March Newsletter
  • Discuss Disney intellectual property issues
  • April Earth Day event

Contacting Disney

  • Could use the existing form but ask who to contact
  • Simultaneously do more searches to find some other Disney-related websites and email them too


  • Shelley:
    • Work on guitar ... by March 13
    • Contact the Sibleman's about music ... by Sunday
  • Ben
    • Send newsletter ... by Tuesday
    • Contact one person in a quest to get permission to use "Down To Earth" song ... by Sunday
    • Create a copy of the video with disclaimer in place of credits
    • Later, look into stock photo companies who might have images to replace the Creative Commons ShareAlike-licensed photos in Pick a Future
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