February 14, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Next SolSeed service on Equinox, March 20
    • Theme/Seed: Balance?
    • Poem: "Buddha's Dogs"
    • Guided meditation (with Meg?)
    • Heather's work/home balance issues might give her ideas to lead a discussion with
    • Pagan ritual with newspaper pots where we would each plant a seed, then water the seed of the person next to you, and maybe say "what you're planting"
    • Song choices:
      • Shelley to learn guitar for "Spirit of Life"
      • Ben suggests "Ye Earthborn Children of a Star"
  • Monthly Newsletter
    • Send it to the Facebook group too
    • Include a picture from the children's book
  • Insight from this weekend
    • If we were building the eco-village, it would be great to live there with people who are part of the GreaterMovement
    • Brandon would prefer to live with people over half of which are "his tribe," literalists w.r.t. TheDestiny and want to work on it directly
      • But definitely not space colonization enthusiasts who don't share the values
      • If we call it the "SolSeed Eco-Village," it doesn't have to repel people who aren't about space, since SolSeed means "the body of all life"
    • Shelley is not a literalist but likes doing the services (and helping with newsletters, etc)
    • Only three people so far are interested in making TheDestiny central to their lives: Brandon, Ben, and Kevin
    • Recruiting ideas
      • For literalists, start with the set of space enthusiasts and narrow down to people who share the values
        • Focus on web presence? Ben and Kevin both found SolSeed through the web (but then, it was just a wiki at that point)
        • Conferences and conventions
      • For the greater movement, could ex. recruit people from an Earth Day event who might be interested in the eco-village

February 2010 newsletter text

Where we're going (the current OnePagePlan)

Here are the 2010 goals from our One-Page Plan, with the names of people who will drive the work for each:

  • Spiritual Community: Regular, impactful "SolSeed services" in Portland, led by multiple people -- Shelley
  • Industry: Income run rate of $100,000/year (~$9000/month) by year's end -- Brandon
  • Place: Ownership of a site for the nucleus of a SolSeed Village by Winter Solstice 2010 -- Mark
  • Media: Publish two SolSeed books, two videos, and a great website -- Ben

And here are the 3-year targets:

  • Place: We can point to a SolSeed village
  • Resources: Yearly budget is $1 million
  • Industry: We are making money from something core to launching life to another world, and eventually another star system
  • Vision: Our vision is clearly articulated in all core media (website, books, videos, events, Facebook page, etc)

Progress So Far this Year

  • We just had our first small (16 people) service and potluck in Portland on February 6, with the "seed theme" of Empathy.
  • Brandon has bought the domain spacewiki.com, to become a clearinghouse for info on major figures in the space industry, and talked to a dozen caricaturists who might help us attract interest at space industry conferences.
  • We've identified some vacant lots and connected buildings as a potential site for a SolSeed eco-village (include pictures).
  • Most of the art for our children's book, Happy in the Sun, has been completed, with seven pages left to go. Then we'll scan it all in, add the text, and self-publish under a Creative Commons license.

(Picture of art from the book goes here)


  • Brandon: add mdesmondobrien to list ... by next Sunday
  • Brandon: figure out pictures for the newsletter and send to Ben ... by tomorrow
  • Shelley:
    • Work on guitar ... by March 13
    • Send "save the date email" ... by Sunday
    • Contact the Sibleman's about music ... by Sunday
  • Ben:
    • Send a PDF of the simple 1-color logo for the program ... by tonight
    • Re-contact NorWesCon again ... by Sunday
    • Send newsletter ... by Tuesday
    • Contact one person in a quest to get permission to use "Down To Earth" song ... by Sunday
    • Create a copy of the video with disclaimer in place of credits
    • Later, look into stock photo companies who might have images to replace the Creative Commons ShareAlike-licensed photos in Pick a Future
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