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City Repair held its annual Earth Day festival on Saturday, April 23rd, 2011, and SolSeed was there for the second year running, with three canopied booths (this time to keep out the heat, rather than the rain and hail). The extra booth was donated to three people we met at our first Earth Day booth, Mathew and Molly representing Cloacina and Gus representing the Green Granges (particularly the one in his native Silverton) and showing off his "ecological mouse-support system" experiment module.


Photos and videos

The booth

Here's our booth at its busiest, with the Cloacina table on the left, Gus in the background (red shirt), the mural toward the right, and the galaxy planter on the far right.

Earth Day 2011 booth.JPG

Our trusty three-panel display (it only fell over once), featuring concept sketches by Swift Architecture for the Seed Village. Also, our brand-new outdoor banner! Finally, you can spot the test copy of Happy in the Sun toward the right side of the table.

Earth Day SolSeed display.JPG

Mural painting

Before and after photos of the mural, which ended up being significantly more complex than last year.

Earth Day 2011 mural before.JPG Earth Day 2011 mural after.JPG

Here's an awesome time-lapse provided by Gus.

Face painting

Molly did some face painting to help promote the Cloacina table (and/or just for fun). Molly face painting.JPG

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