Earth Day 2010

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SolSeed had a big "booth" at the "Re-Seeding Our World" Earth Day event in east Portland, including two activities for passers-by to participate in: a mural painting with ideas for the SolSeedVillage, and a galaxy-shaped planter where people could plant lettuce seeds (see "Lettuce" Bring Life for photos of the lettuce's growth). Here are some photos from the event:

Our "booth"

Earth Day galaxy planter and table.jpg

Earth Day galaxy planter and mural.JPG

Mural painting

Earth Day mural 1.JPG

Earth Day mural 2.JPG

Earth Day mural 3.JPG

Galaxy planter

Earth Day galaxy planter 1.JPG

Earth Day galaxy planter 2.JPG

The festival

Earth Day festival panorama.jpg

Earth Day bikes.JPG

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