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Acceptance and welcoming of Diversity is one of the core values of the SolSeed Movement.

Discussion at Sol 2012

Lion: Nobody in this room believes that everybody has to believes the same thing, except in a few areas, ex. understanding of science

  • Brandon: Almost everybody feels the drive to pursue truth, or has that capacity
  • Lion: Does everyone have to participate in a given goal, or do you have your goals and I have mine? (topic to discuss later)
    • I can't know or do everything ... I have a bond with people who are doing cool things that I'm not able to do
    • Brandon: There can be antagonizing/otherizing relationships instead
  • Eric: I think the universal level that we can all agree to is philosophy, not religion
    • We can agree that we need meaning and purpose, but we need different communities with different purposes
    • If we have that structure, religions will be forced to accept that other purposes are valid
  • Brandon: Philosophy is a treatment that is added on top of what already exists ... there is a "hivish" biological imperative which is focused/expressed by religion, but philosophy is only one way to talk about it, and philosophy is only 2500 years old and hasn't mattered nearly as much
    • Eric: I'm talking about philosophy as anything that's meta ... we're doing philosophy about religion
    • Lion: What we're doing is reasoning, which can include emotional stories from our lives
  • Lion: The arts are the secret to every new idea, things that are inexpressible in the language we're surrounded by
    • Brandon: That's the Elephant ... philosophy is how the Rider distill these things into language afterward
      • Hank: Elephant/Rider is like unconscious decisions/conscious rationalization
        • Or Jay Hansen: everything is determined by our genes
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