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Discipline should properly be considered a subset of the Wisdom attribute.
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The negative aspect of Discipline can be a failure to attain one's true purpose.
The positive view:

Discipline is focused.
Without Discipline,
SelfLove and Empathy fall short of their potential.

Discipline refers to the human capacity to channel passion into effective action. Discipline also has a significant bearing on SelfLove in that it is one component of our ability to care for ourselves so that we can better care for others. At its best, Discipline is not slavish obedience to rules or a schedule, but rather it is a means of organizing ourselves and our available time so that we can realize our goals.

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Discipline is really a component of Wisdom, but I thought it important enough to flesh it out here, as my involvement with SolSeed has really helped me in this regard. A lack of Discipline can be a factor in negative self-image, which can include things like substance abuse, alcoholism, video game addiction, or just plain old low-motivation. (All self-destructive impulses run contrary to SelfLove)

I don't want to downplay that some of these are serious medical concerns, and I certainly don't mean to suggest that addicts are just unfocused and lack self-respect. Still, Discipline can be discovered unexpectedly when passion finds it focus.

It can be thing that gets you to make that doctor appoinment, or seek out that support group, or finally helps you make up your mind to quit cold turkey (whatever it was that needed quitting.) When we feel we have a worthwhile goal, many things that seemed impossible suddenly become possible. --Kevin 01:56, 25 September 2008 (UTC)

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