December 7, 2009: Online Work Bee

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  • Planning details for Longest Night Festival
    • Invite members and friends of SolSeedMovement (mainly literalists, but send email to everyone)
      • People already invited: Art, Lion
      • People to invite: Bob, Kevin, Jillian, Jesse
    • Invite other people/groups
      • Already invited: Star Trek group, Browncoats, Oregon L5 Society, etc
      • To invite: Oregon Space Grant Consortium

Email to members

Subject: Belated invitation to the next SolSeed event, 12 days from now

Hi all,

Only two short weeks until our next SolSeed event. The Longest Night Festival will be a smaller event than our first two, focused more directly on the long-term goal of space travel and eventually leaving our solar system to "Take Root Amongst the Stars." Also on the agenda will be other concrete planning for projects such as an Eco-Village to be built in East Portland. But far from being all work and no play, the Open Space will be followed by a happenin' Solstice Party from 6 to midnight on the 21st.

It's not to late to arrange your life to attend this event and actively shape the course of SolSeed for the next year. If you've been waiting for a sign before getting more involved ... here is the sign: "It's time to get more involved! :-)" Consider what it would take for you to attend. Do you need to take a day or two off work? Get an airline ticket? Is there some concern that is stopping you? Can we help?

Event Webpage:

Where: Brandon and Shelley's place, 1824 SE Oak St, Portland OR 97214

When: Dec. 19-21, 2009 (Saturday-Monday)

Who: You! And also some fascinating newcomers we met at the recent OryCon science fiction convention, some of who have real knowledge and experience in spaceflight industries!

Focus questions for the Open Space: "Who are we becoming? What are we doing next?"

Plans for the Solstice Party: 6 PM to Midnight on the 21st. We'll be lighting candles, singing carols, and roasting veggie dogs over an outdoor yule log. We'll be serving hot cocoa, "unspiked" cider, egg nog, and other traditional holiday fare.

Ben Sibelman
SolSeed Graphics Guy

(Final paragraph accidentally not included in the email:

Please add yourself to the list of attendees on and then invite the other folks you'd like to hang out with.)

Agenda for next time

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