December 13, 2009: Online Work Bee

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  • Longest Night Festival
    • Expected Number of Participants
    • WikiVanning Style
    • Food
      • Simple Breakfasts Sat, Sun, Mon
      • Snacks
      • Out to eat for Lunch and Dinner
      • Solstice Party
    • Ritual ... Shelley
    • Opening and Closing Circle Facilitation ... Brandon
    • Work Bee Items
      • Children's Book
      • SolSeed book ... 1st 3 chapters
      • SBIR and founding of first business
    • Goodies to give out
      • Pencils? Probably not
      • Extra jackets from Seed 2009 (XXL)
      • Blankets? ... Brandon
  • Lewis' Dad the Architect (Larry Johnson)
    • Too often people looking into building something don't get "site control" before going to architects with the concept
    • Architectural Program ... some kind of description of the concept and buildings
    • If we don't have funds ... can host an architecture competition (entrants usually don't think they'll get contract even if they win)
    • A lot of architects are out of work
    • Get hotshots for the jury
    • Architects fees are likely to be 5-10% of the construction costs
    • Watch out for overhead of 30-50%
    • Have prize be about $5000
    • Include Honorable Mentions
    • On average for new construction we'll probably be paying about $200/sq ft
  • Review OnePagePlan

WWWs for next time

  • Brandon: order blankets by tomorrow
  • Brandon: Invite Kevin Fitzpatrick by tonight
  • Brandon: Invite Logan by tonight
  • Brandon: Invite Lyric and Meg by tonight
  • Brandon: Send cancel email about book club (postpone until new year)
  • Ben: Finish the Pick a Future video
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