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About Daily Practice

Our daily practice of contemplative meditation can take many forms (examples to follow). The meditation itself varies from dedicant to dedicant, and for any given dedicant may vary from day to day. We frame the deeply personal meditation with opening and closing rituals that are consistent across all dedicants. We begin our daily practice with the "call to practice" ritual. The call to practice ritual uses words and signs to center and engage our whole selves. We finish our daily practice by reciting the SolSeed Creed, or if time is short simply the Exaltation.

  • Recite Call to Practice
  • Contemplative Meditation
  • Recite SolSeed Creed

Opening: Individual Call to Practice

I come here today

to create my life

I use my practice

to align my words and my actions

with my highest aspirations


Light the Flame of Life if you are using one.

Contemplative Meditation

The Sanders family includes two boys who are 2 and 4.5 years of age. We begin the contemplative meditation by singing Children's Songs that often have motions attached to them. Each participant gets to pick one of these "SolSeed" songs. Our current favorites are The Trees are Gently Swaying and Attitude of Gratitude. Before we meditate we each select a token from our bag of special meditation objects. Once we have our tokens in hand we explain how the meditation is going to work for that day, ring our bells, and turn over our three minute sand timer. At the end of the timer we ring the bells and share what we thought about during the meditation.

Closing: SolSeed Creed

The Sanders family usually recites just the Exaltation for our closing due to the short attention span of our 2 year old.


Through Passion, Empathy, and Wisdom
we have come to know that:
We are SolSeed
children of the Earth and Sun
awakened by starlight
We Bring Life!

Extinguish the Flame of Life if you are using one.

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