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This page is one of those connected with the as-yet-unnamed church which is a project of a kindred group in Denver.

For next week, we are thinking about how the Church Creed might be connected with the SolSeedCreed

Life is sacred

We are all interconnected and exist inside of an interdependent web of life. We choose to nurture that web with our lives and inside of community

We believe in the divine power of creation that gave rise to, and is manifest in, all life, and in our sacred responsibility to honor, celebrate and nourish such creation.

The teachings of science and all religions, in their own way, are an attempt to shine the light on the sacred power & responsibility of creation.

Our ministry consists of acts of service to the community of life and teaching the wisdom that powers such service.

Re: Authority - final authority rests in the demonstration of the greatest benefit for all. We live in the perpetual dance

Re: pattern .... get mine vs. grow ours

Re: Upward Spirals: characterized by enhancing richness, diversity, complexity - increasing possibilities

Things we'd like to add to the SolSeedCreed

  • Creation
  • Explicitly include greater possibility and the upward spiral of life
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