Can we make resilience look more smooth and avoid collapses?

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This was a session at the August 2018 Resilient Communities Mini-Unconference. It was combined with Systems science and Identifying the core ingredients of resilient communities but Ben has made an effort to separate the subjects into their own pages.


  • Judy (convener)
  • Steve
  • Shawn
  • Ben (note-taker)


  • Judy: Can't we find a way to make things to break down less and more slowly rather than in the catastrophic way things are currently going?
    • Shawn (much later): I don't think so; I think the urgency around stabilizing things will only come from a collapse
      • After a collapse, communities that survive and thrive will be able to motivate many people to follow their example
    • Debate about whether we could quickly scale up technological solutions to global warming
    • Shawn: I don't think the economic, social, and political forces can be aligned
      • Steve: A leader who could make that happen would likely use a scapegoat group as a “common enemy”

The discussion was continued during Who are we? part 1.

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