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Discussion at Sol 2012

Hank: We could create three different games about the operation of Closed Ecological Life Support Systems(CELSS), with difficulty levels targeted at different age groups, maybe with successive pieces of a story

  • I. Learning to operate a CELSS as preparation for a global disaster (of your choice?)
    • Eric: Different requirements (e.g. air-sealed or not), different timelines
  • II. Social problems when people are locked in together on a generation starship
  • III. Arriving and surviving on a new world
  • Information sources
    • Links to real websites to learn about stuff
    • A hippie guru
    • An erratic time machine that puts you in violent situations
    • Suggested reading
      • Ex. Chicago during Prohibition to learn how to manufacture alcohol
      • Ex. Germany during WWII for rocketry technology
  • Teams
    • Action Amazons: bee-like lifestyle, men are "drones"
    • Hectic Heroes: have lots of women who are subordinate and have lots of babies
    • Ben: Hopefully some others that don't involve rampant sexism
    • Create your own team, considering health factors etc
  • Lots of branching in the storyline
    • Lion: Choose Your Own Adventure style may be better than a simulation
    • Eric: Older players would prefer simulation
  • Business models
    • People can buy extra virtual items?
    • Have real-world merchandise, ex. hydro/aquaponics kits, mini geodesic dome kits
      • Brandon: Have a reward in the game for buying and using them, verified by other players
    • Affiliate advertising for people selling related products
    • Brandon: Tie into Parable of the Trickster
  • Game tracks, get skill levels in each area
    • Health and nutrition
    • Environment: recycling air, water, waste
    • Energy production
    • Food production
    • Communication
    • Construction and repair
    • Social dynamics
  • Conflicts
    • Earthseed vs. standard religions
    • Permaculture vs. annual (agribusiness?) cropping
    • Vegans, vegetarians, omnivores
    • Private enterprise vs. government control
    • 99% vs. 1%
    • Allopathic vs. holistic doctors
  • Where to find programmers?
    • Lion: Get a teacher to assign it to his/her students and have them write it in Scratch
    • Hire a media house?
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