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Seed2009 > Agenda > Bring Life by helping others

This Agenda item was combined with the How can I bring life in my consumption - or lack thereof? session, but it became its own separate discussion. Rather that provide notes on the session, this entry details the decisions we reached

Key Decisions

We want to do something to help people!

  • We are soliciting ideas for a group project that we can do together that helps people, and we will list potential projects on the wiki as they accumulate.
  • The idea is to settle on something by a certain date to be determined (suggest March 30th) for a project that we will bring to fruition.
  • The project needs to be significant enough so that it keeps us motivated and excited to carry it out.

"We don’t discover what gives the highest levels of meaning in our lives Until we realize what it is that we have to contribute."

Project Ideas

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