Boxy and Tinman on Why SolSeed is a Religion

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Response from Legal Organization

  • I don't think this video presents the argument for a church very well for three reasons:
    • The computer voices are kind of creepy. If you are worried about people being creeped out by a religion, this video will definitely do the job.
    • The female character's dialog is really forced. Reminds me of copy for 1950's advertising.
    • Most importantly, it makes it sound like the reason to choose a church as our organization is in order to sap more of our 'followers' time and money. I don't think that is the best reason to focus on. Instead I would focus on the fact that religion can carry a purpose forward through many generations. Membership organizations have more trouble doing that than religions. Our purpose cannot be attained in just one generation or even, probably, just a few generations. It will take a religion just to keep us on course for as long as it will take to achieve the launching of life into space. --Eric Saumur 02:49, 10 March 2012 (UTC)
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