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Jim Collins coined the term BHAG, "Big Hairy Audacious Goal"

  • 10-30 year timeframe
  • Big enough that we don't know how to reach it
  • Examples:
    • JFK and putting a man on the moon
    • Starbucks wants to be the biggest brand in the world
  • Important to how an organization grows

Thoughts on a SolSeed BHAG

Near-term project ideas

  • Kevin wants to choose at least one to start by March 30th (his birthday)
  • Brenna: Educate people about healthy lifestyles
  • Identify an existing project that could substantially benefit from our help
  • Brandon: Seed repository
  • Bonnie: Create a space for women, esp. single mothers, to give them support
  • Web resources
    • CleanDrinkingWater: would include interviews as well as website
      • Kevin's wife Lindsay could get involved
    • Ben: Spacefaring communities
      • Kevin: Does it already exist?
    • List of organizations and people that we consider to be kindred and hope to support
      • Possible goal: have a "bountiful" list by Sol 2009
      • Ted: Introduce those groups to each other and thus help the "greater movement" to become more self-aware
      • Brandon: Host an OpenSpace for all the ones we identify
        • Possible location: Portland Unitarian Universalist Church?
  • Ted: Remake the Upward Spiral movie with better quality
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