August 30, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Check In
  • Review WWWs
  • Review OnePagePlan
  • Conferences/Conventions
  • SpaceWiki
  • Newsletters
  • Equinox Celebration
  • Book

Check In

  • Brandon ... has been sick for a couple days, looks forward to being well again soon
  • Sequoia ... had a great day, decided to stay up past his bedtime
  • Shelley ... has been working her tail off today, made dinner for the neighbors, then spent a half-hour relaxing in the garden
  • Ben ... met a woman online, met in person once, she seems cool, smart and had an interesting suggestion when Ben was describing SolSeed: if we're going to build an eco-village around Brandon & Shelley's house, we should work on making that house more eco-friendly

WWWs from last time

  • Brandon ... ping KMF about children's book ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... send more $ to Ryan ... by tomorrow
  • Brandon ... email Christine and Orange Splot ... by next call
  • Brandon ... reach out to some people to ask about the best space-industry events for us ... by next call
  • Brandon ... write 500 words on the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Shelley ... write email to save the date for the Equinox ... by next call
  • Shelley ... set up the tour with Matthew and Molly ... by next call
  • Shelley ... spend 1/2 hour looking up resources for the services that could go into the "larger book" ... by Saturday
  • Brandon & Shelley ... figure out what would work (if anything) w.r.t. Bioneers ... by next call
  • Ben ... do an internet search for architects in Portland who might match some criteria on the ArchitectScorecard ... by next call
  • Ben ... stub out some space-industry event pages and the central page that links to them ... by next call
  • Ben ... write at least 300 words on the SolSeed book ... by next call
  • Ben ... partial draft of the August newsletter ... by next call


3rd Quarter Goals

  • SpaceWiki:
    • Yellow ... Created sponsor-specific inspiring materials and approached one potential sponsor with those to ask about them sponsoring an event
    • Green ... One thorough sponsorship campaign (talking to lots of people at the potential sponsoring organization, etc)
    • Super Green ... Five thorough sponsorship campaigns
  • Place:
    • Yellow ... firm decision and commitment for pocket cottage timeline
    • Green ... inspiring concept plans for the pocket cottage
    • Super Green ... plans you could build from, and a builder
  • Media:
    • Yellow ... work on the big book every other week, average 250 words/week (500 per session)
    • Green ... average 500 words/week for the big book all quarter (currently in danger of missing this goal)
    • Super Green ... average 1400 words/week for the big book all quarter


  • Probably not Bioneers unless there's a satellite conference that would work
  • Space Manufacturing 2010
    • Saturday October 30 (1 day)
    • San Francisco area again


  • Activity hasn't been great ... nobody but us in the past week
  • We should reach out more to the bloggers
  • Sponsorship campagin:
    • SpaceX is our target
    • Quotes page can probably be filled out well enough without getting more
    • With that and the photos, we just need to put together a nice email

Equinox Celebration

  • Email invitation sent (see below)
  • Ben thinks he can come down for the celebration
  • Ideas for what to do at the event:
    • Quiet time (fits the theme of equanimity)
    • Balance games
    • Discussion of course
      • How to include The Destiny in a way that will resonate with the other people there?
        • Discuss how people naturally judge it (and other far-out ideas like it?)
        • Neighbors should understand that we're just showing them what we're into, not that we expect them to be into it too
    • Music
    • A fire

Dear SolSeed Friends,

In preparation for the Fall Equinox service, I invite you to welcome equanimity in one area of your life. Equanimity is not laissez-faire but rather freedom from judgment.

For my part, I'm going to pick the garden as my area to practice freedom from judgment. I'm just going to notice every time my mind judges something: "That plant needs water; those weeds have to go; I really like that path."

So . . . pick an area and between now and equinox, notice judgment, and welcome equanimity whenever possible.

Then, if you can, join us Wednesday, September 22, 2010 to celebrate Equanimity and the Fall Equinox. Details to follow.


SolSeed August newsletter

Just three items to talk about this month:

  • Please join us for the Fall Equinox Celebration!
When: Wednesday September 22, 6-8:30 PM
Where: At the SolSeed Eco-Village, 1824 SE Oak Street in Portland (outdoors if possible)
What: Equanimity and freedom from judgement are the themes of this Equinox event. As with the SolSeed Services, we will have ceremony, music, poetry, and discussion. Also, there will be food.
  • Take a look at the results of our second mural painting, held at the Buckman Neighborhood Annual Picnic, which was partly sponsored by SolSeed. (And here's the first one, in case you forgot.) {need photo here}
  • We're going strong on the SolSeed books, finally getting close to completion on the children's book Happy in the Sun and making good progress on a longer book (title TBA) that describes who we are and the kind of bright future we hope to work toward.

Backyard Cottage

  • Brandon has emailed or called most of our potential architects, and the feedback has been positive so far
  • He's hoping to meet with Christine tomorrow


Didn't have time to work on it during the call, but got a lot done during this past week

Current stats

Introduction: 1159 words, plus 20-word bracketed comment
Chapter 1: 564 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (852 other words), plus 4-word to-do note
Chapter 2: 697 words added during 3rd quarter 2010 (485 other words)
Chapter 3: 719 words
Chapter 4: 461 words

Total for 3rd quarter 2010: 3600 words in the first 8 weeks, for an average of 386.6 words/week

Grand total: 4937 words


  • Ben ... put together a draft of the email for the SpaceX sponsorship ... by next call
  • Ben ... add a privacy policy on SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Ben ... talk to parents about songs and poems that might relate to the Equinox celebration theme ... by next call
  • Ben ... send parents' address to Shelley ... by tonight
  • Brandon ... reach out to Parabolic Arc, NASA Watch, and Space Place to ask them to write about SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon ... fix the MediaWiki search ... by Sept. 13
  • Brandon ... add the creative commons by attribution-share alike license to SpaceWiki ... by next call
  • Brandon & Shelley ... work on food ideas for the Equinox celebration ... by next call
  • Brandon & Shelley ... invite the neighbors to the Equinox celebration ... by next call
  • Shelley ... work on the Equinox celebration program ... by next call
  • Shelley ... email Ben's parents ... by next call
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