August 26, 2018: Business Call

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  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Meeting time and technology change
  • Year Plan
    • Fall Equinox
  • Viventibus Mundos
  • Who are we?
    • Are we Reform Pagans?
  • Evaluations
  • Closing Blessing

Next business call

  • Foundation
  • SolSeed Creed
  • New Videos


  • Shawn … doing all right … feel like I'm juggling a lot of different projects and ideas, need to stay on task … running out of time to get things like my GRE done before my trip to Europe
  • Ben … I’m glad I didn‘t space out the meeting this week like I did last week. I am a little nervous about meeting relatives today whom I have not seen for a long time.
  • Eric … Yesterday we went and bought a Hyundai Ionic, test drove and bought it, but got a loaner car because they couldn't license us for it yet …. Which was a monster SUV. Have it one week, but then will have the Ionic.. Hoping to be able to make the trip to Ottawa on a full charge.

Opening Blessing

We come together to define the direction we want to go. Sometimes we feel a little lost in a big world as a small group. But we have faith that allies will emerge. --Blessed Be

WW(W)s from last time

  • Ben … Tell Eric about the new meeting times … by today

Group WW(W)s

  • Shawn … contact someone at Windward about visiting … after talking to Scott about visiting him in Hood River

Personal WWWs

  • Ben: Write 3 pages of my novel
  • Ben: Getting better at serving Gaia through getting better at producing media
    • For next week: schedule an informational interview with the UW Center for Creative Conservation
  • Shawn: Finish reading Into the Cool
  • Shawn: Do a Ph.D. program to get Credibility and Contacts in order to spread the idea of what I am trying to do
    • For next week: Sign up for GREs and get through 1 chapter of the GRE study book
  • Eric: First "step" for Buckleberry is to build autonomous quadcopters that collect twigs
    • For next week: Research at least 6 different quadcopters (Spreadsheet)

Weekly Events Logistics

Service rotation: Ben, Eric, Shawn
  • September 1st Service: 10 AM PST / 13:00 EST … Ben
  • September 2nd Business Call: 9:30 AM PST / 12:30 EST

Meeting Time and Tech Change


  • Do we want to switch to Zoom and get Hans to try it?
  • Ryan House has activities from 9-10 AM on Saturdays
    • Moving to 10 AM PT / 13:00 ET would really chop Eric's weekend
      • Eric: I think it could work though
    • Moving to 7 AM PT would make Ben and Shawn sleepy

Year Plan

Fall Equinox

Saturday September 22nd, 6:54 PM PDT / 21:54 EDT
Sunday September 23rd, 3:54 AM Denmark time

What to do?

Viventibus Mundos ritual contents

Putting water into a shared bowl doesn't really work when none of us are in the same place

  • Ben will be in the same city as the Reform Pagans

Things that are tricky to explain

  • Reminding our elephants
  • Bringing the new trees

Discussion of what types of life-spreading to talk about

  • Shawn likes floating colonies in Venus's atmosphere
  • Eric points out that learning to colonize asteroids and comets gives us a lot more places to expand into
  • Shawn would also like to talk about Mautner's concept of sending "spores" (see Sending Life)

Who are we? Are we Reform Pagans?

  • Shawn: How big are the Reform Pagans? If there are more than 3 and they all want to join, they'd be more than doubling the size of this branch of SolSeed
    • Eric: I think they have 4 core members, all in Seattle, and a bunch of peripheral members, maybe kind of like our newsletter mailing list
    • Eric: They welcome people regardless of what they believe in terms of gods and supernatural stuff, but 3 of the 4 core members are atheists

Shawn was thinking about the idea that we're a group that talks about philosophy and spirituality, and how Ben wouldn't mind if it were an artistic/creative group

  • The best parts of spiritual groups in his mind are feeling like you're in community, and helping each individual reach their personal highest aspirations
    • Holding each other to account with what we say we want to do, and ask what's in the way of making progress (like Lifespring's personal contracts, although they only did it for a month, or like an entrepreneurs' meeting called a Mastermind group)
      • Eric is a 5 for this … if we don't take action and just talk about answering the call, we're kind of just blowing hot air


  • Shawn: I'm liking the direction, and interested to learn more about these Pagans and how they'd like to be involved, and excited to get some accountabilibuddies (™)
  • Ben: I am feeling down because I don’t know if I can motivate myself to write. I am hoping so. I am hoping you can help.
  • Eric: I absolutely love "accountibilibuddies" and I'm pumped about that becoming something we do.

Closing Blessing

We can’t do a closing blessing, Ben has to go! -- Blessed Be

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