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Ares is the World Mother of Mars. In Greek Mythology, Ares was a male god of war but in SolSeed mythology this doesn't make sense. Our understanding of Mars has evolved from the Greek understanding of a star-like light which wandered among the other stars. We understand it as a world. And just like Earth, it is, at least in theory, possible to create a biosphere on Mars. And just like Earth's biosphere, a Martian biosphere would be a center of fertility, diversity and Life. As such, it makes more sense to use a woman (or girl) as the symbol for the Body of All Life on Mars because the uniquely female superpower of giving birth and providing Life giving milk so readily symbolizes fertility and Life.

This use of a female personification is strictly understood as a symbol or metaphor and should not be construed as a true belief in a goddess. Also, even within this symbolic understanding, it is clear that we, humanity, are most likely to be the creators of Ares not the other way around.

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