April 2, 2015: Online Work Bee

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Thursday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Project Work
    • Brandon: Work on venues for the Kindred event
    • Brandon: Work on locations for the Shrine
    • Ben: Work on the newsletter
    • Ben: Work on wiki pages about events to be linked from the newsletter
    • Ben: Work on the SolSeed 10-year retrospective
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Brandon … I got reasonably good news from my doctor.
  • Ben … will be coming down to Portland for passover and a Seder brunch

Opening Blessing

We come here to do the work that is aligned with our highest aspirations. We come as brothers to join our efforts together. May our work together be guided by empathy and wisdom and driven by passion. --Blessed Be


This is a special newsletter indeed: in addition to celebrating our entry into the brighter half of the year, we just celebrated the SolSeed Movement's tenth anniversary! That's right, we got our first official member (Brandon) on February 16th, 2005. Check out the new SolSeed History page for my summary of our whole story so far. As for the story of the past season:

Continuing his mission to deepen his understanding of and connection with the Pagan community, Brandon journeyed to San Jose to attend Pantheacon, America's largest indoor Pagan gathering, just before the anniversary. Finally meeting our new friends John and Ruth Halstead and Mark Green in person, Brandon immersed himself in a vibrant community containing a surprisingly large number of naturalists (people who don't believe in the supernatural), and came away with the impression that "now is the most fertile time for a Kindred festival ever!" So I hate to be a flip-flopper about this, but it looks like at least a proto-Kindred event is on again for this August.

Meanwhile, I was traveling through the Southwest to visit relatives and fulfill a long-held dream: taking a tour of Biosphere 2, the world's biggest and most famous Closed Ecological Life Support System experiment. Sadly, the research going on there now is no longer about full closure or space colonies, but the three-acre greenhouse outside Tucson, with its sophisticated environmental control machinery, is still an immensely valuable ecological laboratory. I wish I could have spent more time exploring the place, but there's also a lot I couldn't learn on site, particularly about the history of the human enclosures in the early '90s and the intentional community called the Synergists who built the place. I'm currently reading my second book on the subject.

A week after I got home, it was time for me to head south again, this time to Portland for SolSeed's tenth-birthday party! The Sanders, my parents, and I celebrated by renting canoes and taking a short trip down the Willamette River from near our local science museum to an island beach with a great view of the city. It was a beautiful sunny day, but we lit a fire anyway and gathered around it to tell the story of the past ten years, with an electric candle and a seed in a cup for each one. It was loads of fun.

Three weeks later it was time to celebrate the turning of the seasons again, this time with a new twist: instead of me coming to them, the Sanders drove to Redmond to celebrate at my place. We started with a walk to the local sushi restaurant for a vegetarian lunch celebrating life in the sea following the Cambrian Explosion. Then we returned to my apartment and Sequoia and I played with LEGOs while Ren had his nap. Next we connected via Skype to Eric and my parents to hold our annual storytelling session about life in the Phanerozoic, including my story about a bird that lived through a mass extinction, Brandon's about a choice between immortality and childbearing, and Eric's about a battle between two hyper-advanced ecosystems. Finally we took an excursion to the nearby riverbank, then grabbed dinner at Flying Saucer Pizza and participated briefly in their science fiction trivia event.

Our spring activities are already starting to warm up, with major planning underway for the Kindred event (tentatively named the Shiny Green Tribal Convergence) and me taking an online course called the Game Changer Intensive, which will hopefully give me some useful ideas on how to take my work with SolSeed to the next level. As our movement grows into its second decade, I hope all of you are enjoying the new life growing all around you!


  • Ben … I feel somewhat energized by having made progress on both the newsletter and the various things I want to link to from it … still need to add a bunch of pictures
  • Brandon … I'm struggling to find a good venue for August

Closing Blessing

We close this circle having striven toward The Destiny, having cared for the earth and having taught our elephants to care for our little community. We carry these feelings of connectedness and accomplishment until we can do this again. Blessed Be.

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