April 19, 2015: Business Call

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Sunday Agenda

  • Check in
  • Opening Blessing
  • Review WWWs
  • Daily Practice/Metrics
  • Weekly event logistics
  • Review Agenda
  • Summer Solstice
  • August events
    • Shiny Green Tribal Convergence
    • Worldcon Spokane
  • Mid Spring
  • Evaluation
  • Closing Blessing

Check In

  • Ben … very hard day, standing with a clipboard, no one wanted to talk to me
  • Eric … Au Revoir went really well, some of the UUs thought maybe I could be their minister! Also, I went bowling with friends today (taking a break from stuff) and it was fun
  • Brandon … I worked outside today the whole day pretty much, and it was good; I made some progress on the garden. Last night, though, I wasted hours watching funny videos on YouTube.

Opening Blessing

We come here to do the work that is aligned with our highest aspirations. We hold our grief, our disappointments, and we hold also possibility. We come as brothers to join our efforts together. May our work together be guided by empathy and wisdom and driven by passion. --Blessed Be

WW(W)s from last time

Organize the WWWs by person and then due date. We’ll start checking in on topical community protocol and meditation for each mini-period between workbees. Holacracy founder Brian Robertson says these are bad: http://holacracy.org/blog/the-insanity-of-the-what-by-when

  • Ben … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Ben … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Ben … figure out how to talk to John Halstead about the Shiny Green Tribal Convergence … by Sunday
  • Ben … talk on phone with Steven Wolfe … by Sunday
  • Brandon … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon: Reserve the arboretum classroom … by Monday
  • Brandon: Read Ben's draft newsletter (bottom of page 4) … by tomorrow
  • Eric … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Eric … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing


  • Ben … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Ben … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Ben … finish and send the newsletter … by tomorrow
  • Brandon … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Brandon … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing
  • Brandon: Reply to the SpaceWiki query (invite them to participate) … by next Thursday
  • Brandon: Move over spacewiki to the wiki.wiki platform … by next Sunday
  • Brandon: Hold a ritual at the Arboretum shrine … by next Sunday
  • Eric … meditate and keep track of which days ... ongoing
  • Eric … follow your topical community protocol for this period ... ongoing

Daily Practice (from Sunday to Sunday)

2014-03-08 to 2014-03-14: 12+0+0 = 12 checkmarks

Metrics (from Sunday to Sunday)

1 … articles published (blog, etc)
2 … net signups to the newsletter for the week (110 total)
2 … conversants from signup (people we are talking or emailing with)
0 … bios added to the wiki by conversants
1 … articles added to Gaia.wiki
6 … sessions on Gaia.wiki other than us
64 … sessions on Spacewiki.com
83 … sessions on SolSeed.org (including Portland meetup) … 134 others are probably spam
1+4+0 = 5 … topical community touches
12 … daily practice checkmarks for the week

Weekly Events Logistics


Service rotation: Eric, Shelley, Brandon, Ben
  • April 25 Service: 10:00 AM PDT, 13:00 EST (Eric)
  • April 26 Work-Bee: 5:30 PM PST, 20:30 EST


  • April 23 Work-Bee: 6:30 PM PST, 21:30 EST (Eric out; Michelle’s B Day)

Summer Solstice

Camping at Smith Rock the night of June 20th, watching PSAS rocket launch

  • Close to Bend, but very dark compared to Portland and Redmond
  • Could also camp at Brothers, at the launch site … super dark at night, but a little less comfortable (less facilities, basically just port-a-potties)
    • Ben: That seems okay to me for one night

Shiny Green Tribal Convergence

Brandon and Eric worked on it at the work bee

  • Ben … looks good except for copyediting-type things


Shiny embraces science and technology. We disavow the humanity/nature dichotomy and see ourselves and our technology as an integral part of Earth’s biosphere. One way Gaia manifests herself upon the Earth is through Human intelligence and its products. Human technology embodies a huge investment by Gaia of her land, fossil fuels, and the most precious resource of all … species diversity. The shiny aspect of this conference celebrates the achievements of technological progress and seeks to maximize the return on Gaia’s investment in human infrastructure.

Green cherishes the Living Earth. Green is the color of chlorophyll, the engine of all life on Earth. The children’s book The Little Green” monster describes a “Green” as someone who loves and takes care of the Earth. We are going to get up close and personal with Mother Earth, so wear clothes that you don’t mind getting dirty :-).

Tribal communities share values and practices. Our tribes support us to live toward our “highest aspirations” because the other members of the tribe also share those aspirations.

Convergence recognizes that something special happens when we share “place” with others. Being me with my folk (being us). Bearing and receiving witness to our being (making it more real). And so we gather diverse but coherent tribes together in order that their members might learn new practices that align with their values. Convergence is where tribes improve themselves by taking the best practices and new understandings of value from each other. (inspiration and learning)

Co-Conveners (and all festival participants) should invite the members of their primary tribe … that is we should invite those who Those who think they might like to have a tribe are also encouraged to attend. Our festival activities include participatory celebration of the icon practices of the tribes that are present, as well as exercises to help us get in touch with our highest aspirations, our values, and the practices that bring us Life.

Worldcon Spokane

Ben: It's the largest sci-fi convention on Earth, and this may be the only time it will ever be this close to where we live

  • Date: August 19th-23rd (10 days after the end of the tribal convergence)
    • Eric: I'm pretty sure I'm flying back home before then and it would be expensive to change the flight
    • Brandon: We'll be at family camp that whole time
  • Ben will start looking into transportation and lodging for himself


  • Eric is doing a tree-planting event in Brewer Park on May 9th
  • Shelley's birthday is May 7th, so the Sanders are having a party (not yet scheduled)
    • Eric suggests associating it with the midseason celebration, but Brandon doesn't think that will happen
  • Brandon is looking for events held by SOLVE and Willamette Riverkeeper
    • May 2nd Litter Patrol
    • May 2nd Arboretum Work Bee … Brandon's favorite
      • Eric: We could do little Skype calls that day and also on May 9th, so we can each report on our events
      • Ben: Or we could do a check-in with our phones from the events themselves (using Skype or Google Hangouts)
    • May 2nd Bowmaking for Beginners
    • May 9th Stone Arrowhead Making
    • May 9th Cleanup


  • Brandon … I’ve got a headache and it is getting worse and I’m going to take some medicine for it. I have been enjoying you guys which has enabled me to ignore my YouTube hangover
  • Ben … I’m really glad to be reminded that I’ll get to see stars and hang out with the Sanders even if I don’t go to Windward for this event Lion wants me to go to … but two months is a long time.
  • Eric … I’m still distraught over the depression I saw in your face Ben when we started the call and I hope that you’re feeling better soon.

Closing Blessing

We close this circle having striven toward The Destiny, having planned to care for the earth and each other and having taught our elephants to yearn towards becoming a community and achieving our highest aspirations. We carry these feelings of connectedness and accomplishment until we can do it again. Blessed Be.

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