April 18, 2010: Online Work Bee

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  • Review WWWs
  • Earth Day
    • Ask people to person the booth's two attractions
  • April newsletter
  • Disney

WWWs from last time

  • Ben:
    • Send response to Disney ... Done
    • Print out eco-village visualizations on nice glossy paper ... Not done
    • Print 200 more trifolds (wording slightly revised to include more events than just conventions) ... Done but not all folded
    • Finish April newsletter ... Done but not sent out
  • Shelley:
    • Speak with Mark about the eco-village on April 24 10 am to 7 pm; and have him get involved in the pl the planning, since it's his project ... It's on his calendar
    • Pick a date for dinner with Stacey ... Done
    • Speak with Stacey about the mural ... N/A?
    • Go to Portland Nursery and get lettuce and dirt and a pretty pot with flowers for the center ... Done
  • Brandon:
    • Get a board for the spiral galaxy lettuce planting ... Done
    • Get a board for the Bring Life mural to be drawn on ... Done
    • Talk to Kevin about the mural ... Haven't gotten ahold of him (not for lack of trying)

Earth Day

  • No recycling robot ... KatieV can't make it to the event
  • Idea for how to use the first of the three panels (SolSeed with famous Apollo 17 photo of Earth)
    • It was taken from a spacecraft and inspired the environmental movement
  • Change of plans for the mural?
    • Kevin could draw an outline of an eco-village on the mural canvas and visitors could fill it in with paint
      • Make sure it includes the Portland skyline
    • Stack of paper and pens for people to draw what they do that brings life
  • Sign-up sheets should have options for Announcements/Newsletter e-list, eco-village planning e-list,book club, various projects such as beach & park cleanups

April Newsletter

Deleted two negative blocks and sent it out


If we were to post the video online, we would use YouTube, which is of course a streaming-only video site. In that case we would probably not make more than a few DVDs, but if we weren't able to put it online, a good ballpark figure for the next year would be 500 DVDs.


  • Shelley
    • Invite Meg & Lyric to host the seed-planting or mural for 2 hours on Saturday ... by Monday
    • Invite triads ... by next Sunday (April 25)
    • Make signs ex. "Lettuce Bring Life" for Planting Projects ... by Saturday
    • Get 6 big longsleeve shirts from Goodwill
    • Plant the marigolds in the Galactic Bar pot
  • Brandon
    • Talk to Kevin about drawing an outline of an eco-village on the canvas for people to fill in ... ASAP and definitely by Friday
    • Put together galaxy board w/ pipes ... by Saturday
    • Stretch canvas on frame ... by Thursday
    • Talk to John and his kids about helping with the mural/lettuce planting
  • Ben
    • Make and print sign-up sheets ... by Wednesday
    • Talk to parents about possibly helping out on Earth Day ... by Wednesday
    • Print out eco-village visualizations on nice glossy paper ... by Friday
    • Finish folding the trifolds ... by Saturday
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