April 14, 2009: Who Are We?

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Notes from Previous Calls: http://solseed.org/Group_Experiences


Summary of the April 14, 2009 SolSeedCall

Mark, Ben, Bonnie, Brenna, Bob, Shelley, and Brandon were all on the April 14 call. After OpeningWords and checking in with each other about how we are doing, we spent the majority of the call discussing Sol2009. Sol2009 will be a fun weekend of camping on the beautiful Oregon coast in late June. We're going to spend the next call (tonight) finishing the invitation and logistics for Sol2009.

We'd love to see you on the next call. It's fun and never goes for more than 1 hour.

Invitation and Logistics for Sol2009
April 21 at 8:00pm (PST)
Dial-in Number: 1-218-936-4700
Participant Access Code: 815066
Agenda and Notes: http://etherpad.com/AihOxUaXGO

April 14, 2009 @8pm PST

  • Opening Words - 5 mins
  • Check in - 10 mins
  • Philosophy of Sol 2009 - 15 mins
  • Action Steps for Sol 2009 - 15 mins
  • Logistics / What's next / homework / assign next call - 10 mins
  • Closing Words - 5 mins

Mark: We believe that: TheDestiny of SolSeed is to take root amongst the stars.

Ben: Sol, Terra, you, me, we, ALL, are precious SolSeed.

Brenna: I bargained with Life for a penny,

 And Life would pay no more, 
 However I begged at evening
 When I counted my scanty store;

Boni: For Life is a just employer,

 And gives you what you ask,
 But once you have set the wages, 
 Why, you must bear the task.

Bob: I worked for a menial's hire,

 Only to learn, dismayed
 That any wage I had asked of Life,
 Life would have willingly paid.
       Jessie B. Rittenhouse

Check in and Reflections (10 mins)

Topic 1: Sol 2009 Philosophy (15 mins)

Who are we? What do you (the collective you) think of when you are asked this question?

Mark: Who I am at the core is a soul who seeks love, ok-ness, beingness, and self-expression. SolSeed is one of the methods I'm using to become self-expressed and hopefully make a difference.

Boni: When we talked about this before I was thinking about. What I see in SolSeed is people that have purposely chosen to live their lives in a way that has impact in a way that advances our individual and collective destiny together, making a difference in the now and creating a new future.

Shelley: I like to think about we as a collective noun, and I'm curious what people think about we as a body, what do we have in common and I think Boni's sharing spoke to that. I'm curious about it. It feels like we are sort of kindred spirits in a way. Souls that are seeking. I don't think that actually the notion of TheDestiny is what has brought us together. I think we are drawn together and are only then willing to talk and think about TheDestiny.

Ben: That's true of Friends and Family in Portland, but then there are the people who discovered SolSeed online and had only the words to go by.

Mark: What if we coming together is our destiny? (shelly: I like it) Wasn't our plan but that is what is manifesting.

Shelley: I think I need constant reminders about the ray of summer sun. That metaphor really works for me, it's funny, but I don't always see ...

Ben: Metaphor for being part of the larger whole?

Shelley: Being a part of life. In the Untethered Soul they talk about our awareness. We can get caught up in things so much that we are like "in the movie" and don't always realize that we are watching. I don't always remember that I'm the watching one, I think I'm in the movie.

Ben: Schools of thought (Lion might agree with you). Part of my answer to "who am I?" is a human animal (body), and a mind which is not really separable from my body. Yeah I am in the movie. I'm not sure that there is any outside of the movie.

Mark: I'd love for you ben to read the book so that the metaphor is clearer. There is a part of us that can watch us doing, being, thinking ... all the voices in our head we continually hear are not us ... we're the ones listening to those voices. A chance to step back and use our human conciousness to observe ourselves.

Brandon: Do you ask yourself who you are? I think I've really only been asking myself that question recently.

Brenna: I've asked myself that since I was born ... I've always had that question.

Boni: All the time ... for as long as I can remember. Who am I separate from the things I do. Who am I here, and there.

Mark: Who we are as a collective: it's still the concept of who we are and what our thrust is. It's still in the solidification stage ... so that we can discuss it the next time someone in a Taco Bell asks us what SolSeed is. If people looked back on us, what do we want people to say about it ... the formative times.

Ben: there were these guys and then they vanished ... I'm not sure it's going to be like that. But regardless, what we can have done depends upon how long we have to do it.

Mark: SolSeed may become something huge, we don't know. If we ourselves, operating in this formative stage could project our legacy, what do we want to have done that people could remember?

Brenna: We had a purpose in life (living purposefully), and being an encouragement to other people in the world to live purposeful lives doing what they love to do best.

Mark: Since we want to live purposeful lives. What do we want to do to affect life. Going from the abstract to the concrete.

Shelley: One thing I would like from SolSeed is community, and I'm not really sure if that is the type of legacy Mark was challenging us to think about. In order to do my work with meaning and purpose it helps me to have a community of support.

Brenna: I agree with you shelley. We each have something to offer (not that we can't collectively offer something as well). I'm reading this book, this is what I'm getting, have you thought about this ... it encourages you to be a better person.

Ben: We want to support each other in our individual endeavors, and also we want to have collective endeavors built around the concept of TheDestiny

Mark: How are we going to uniquely express ourselves?

Brandon: I look at myself and my life and I see that sometimes I am more alive, more purposeful, more aware of what's going on around me, more self-exrpessed -- a sense of vibrancy to my life. I want that for myself and others. I hear S & B speaking to that. Being self-expressed and supporting one another. I hear also there is a desire that we have a living group that is fully alive. A group that is able to do more than the sum of the parts, that is able to work on and accomplish things that would be difficult for an individual. Ben, I think, is saying that TheDestiny could be one manifestaiton of that identity

BEN: I did not say literally. What I think is, that everything that the group does should be either literally or figuratively in some way related to TheDestiny, b/c that's what SolSeed was chartered to do. Even if we disagree about what exactly it means, hopefully we can agree that . . . if it weren't for TheDestiny, SolSeed would be a community like any other, with some words that we're ignoring.

Brenna: Can you expound?

Ben: I think I've done this before . . . either you have some connection to the words, "Take root amongst the stars", or you're just in SolSeed just b/c your friends/family are, in which case, why not just hang out w/ them and NOT call it SolSeed.

Boni: Take root among the stars -- that means different things to all of us.

Ben: I acknowledge that.

Brandon: So you're asking us to keep those words central to our practice, to talk about what they mean to us, so that we're sharing that, discovering the meanings they have, etc as a group.

Ben: Yes. And there may be different projects that are built around different definitions of "taking root among the stars."

Brandon: Someone could focus on "taking root", or could define "the stars" as the people who are listening to God's plan for their life. all of these are OK, but the important thing is that we attend to those words. Is that what you're asking us for?

Ben: Well, it's a little weird to me to redefine the word "stars" . . . but as long as we don't lose it ("take root amongst the stars") entirely, it's still valuable.

Brenna: I like the phrase myself.

Shelley: I do too. And there is a lot of power in metaphor when we leave room for people to interpret.

Brenna: Yeah

Ben: If you look at SolSeed as a scripture (one of the ways you can look at it) then it makes perfect sense.

Shelley: If we imagine it lasting for 100 years, the less creed-like we can be, the more flexible ... things can emerge.

Ben: If on the other hand we are too open, we won't accomplish anything because we won't know what to do.

Mark: Part of the purpose of this conversation is to figure out what we want to do in this present day to further the goals.

Ben: Let's bring it back to "How can we plan Sol 2009 such that it furthers these goals"

Topic 2: Sol 2009 Action Steps (15 mins)

Sol 2009: Who are we?

Ray of summer sun,
Inseparable from Sol,
Know yourself and thrive.
  • Who are we as Life?
  • Who are we as individuals on a spiritual journey?
  • Who are we as members and friends of the SolSeed Movement?

Join us the weekend of June 27th 2009 at Cape Lookout State Park on the Pacific coast of Oregon as these "questions of being" shape our community and practice.

At this family friendly weekend there will be camping, hotdogs, marshmallows, philosophizing, songs around the campfire, sand-castles, and the development of a core action plan for how we can "Bring Life" together.

The SolSeed Movement is... (or do we just invite people who already know that they are kindred?)

  • We can invite ppl who we admire
    • Use the SolSeedCreed as a provisional explanation of what they would be getting into
  • Second, wider net of ppl who encounter "the message" and decide they are interested
    • If the message is just "who are we?" that can mean too many different things?
  • Most ppl there will be ppl who have already been involved

Logistics / What's next / homework / assign next call - 10 mins

http://solseed.org/April_12%2C_2009:_Trash_Pickup Mark: We could all read **The Untethered Soul** by Michael A. Singer

Brandon: More on the action plan next week

Closing Words (5 min)

Brandon: As SolSeed's intelligent spark, WE are its caretakers, WE must fulfill TheDestiny.

Shelley: I believe that: My Holy duty is to embrace SelfLove, cultivate Empathy, and pursue Wisdom, so that my being honors SolSeed, and my striving hastens the fulfillment of TheDestiny.

Mark: SelfLove is motive. Without SelfLove, Empathy and Wisdom are impotent.

Boni: Empathy is transcendent. Without Empathy, SelfLove and Wisdom are evil.

Bob: Wisdom is effective. Without Wisdom, SelfLove and Empathy are feeble and capricious.

ALL: I AM SolSeed, TheDestiny is mine!

Brenna: Where there is hatred, let me sow love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is despair, light; Where there is sadness, joy. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek To be consoled as to console, To be understood as to understand, To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; It is in pardoning that we are pardoned; It is in dying to self that we are born to eternal life.

     Saint Francis of Assisi
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