April 10, 2011: Eco-Village Meeting

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Meeting Agenda for Schematic Design Kickoff

  • Review Wants and Needs and Project Narrative
  • Review Inspirational Images & Books
  • Sustainable Concepts
  • Zoning and Building Code
  • Landuse Review – If Required
  • Review Site Plan
  • Contractor
  • Additional Consultants required for Project
  • Schedule – Short Term
  • Schedule – Overall Project – Review

Seed Pod Wants and Needs

  • Brandon: Put in a kitchen sink, mini-fridge, and microwave immediately?
    • Ben: A small microwave is no problem, I already own one
    • Could eliminate the bathroom sink in that case
      • Jason: clients with the sink outside the bathroom give mixed reviews
    • Decision: just put in the rough plumbing in the walls and leave a space where a compact kitchen could go
  • A ladder isn't good enough for up-to-code access to a sleeping space
    • Stairs wouldn't be so bad anyway, since the cat can use them and there will be storage space underneath
  • Internet connection
    • Wireless would work, but Ethernet is more secure
    • While we're running that line from the main house, may as well throw in a fiber-optic line in case it becomes useful later

Green concepts

  • Composting toilet
    • Two types of unit, one requiring underfloor access, one that's

smaller and requires more frequent changing

    • Ben has to talk with Mathew and Molly about both legal issues

and what it's like to use

    • Shelley isn't sure we can use all the compost
      • Could start a compost business?
  • Passive House
    • Eliminates the need for a heating system
      • Sometimes there might still be a small one for the bathroom floor
    • Requires 10-inch-thick walls, may reduce internal volume by about a foot in each direction for same exterior footprint
    • Requires foreign-built windows and doors
      • Door has an air seal ... kind of space-capsule-like
    • CO2 monitors to make sure you don't have too much buildup
    • Would increase the cost 8-20% depending on contractor's

experience level

  • Rainwater capture
    • Probably on the main house and walkway roofs, if we do a green roof on the Seed Pod itself
    • Storage tank would go underground next to the Seed Pod
    • Shelley would really appreciate the help with watering the garden in summer
  • Jason has a couple contractors he likes
    • Talk to them right after Earth Day?
    • Which engineers we choose may depend on the type of contractors
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