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At Sol 2012, we asked ourselves what a Religious Method, equivalent to the Scientific Method, would look like. Could religion begin a period of rapid progress if it had a method of its own? This implies that we need to consider what religions do. More specifically we need to consider what they would do if they were using a Religious Method that constrained them in much the same way that the Scientific Method contrains science. The idea that religion could begin a period or rapid progress due to a new method means that we are expecting that religion could change the way it behaves abandoning things it did in the past and picking up new behaviours in the future. So in editing this page consider only things that religions have done in the past that were negative, counter-productive, disgusting and/or spirit-crushing.

There are many things that are forbidden by the Scientific Method. Using unfalsifiable hypotheses as the basis for experiment is forbidden. But people (even sometimes scientists) continue to do so and no Science police show up at their door and cart them off to prison or the gallows. The scientific method's proscriptions are enforced by the accusation, 'That is not science.' Nothing more. Simply being accused of not being scientific is enough. The point of the scientific method is to search effectively for the truth. The point of the religious method will be to do what religion does more effectively. Failure to follow the scientific method need not be punished. It is sufficient to point out that the individual or group is not effectively pursuing truth with the statement, 'that is not science'. If they choose to continue to be ineffective that is their choice. Those who continue to use the scientific method will leave them behind.

If the Religious method were to be accepted then similarly it would be enforced with the statement, 'That is not religion.' We would simply be pointing out that the behavior in question is ineffective. Those who use the religious method, if it is as useful as we hope, will leave the rest behind. Or perhaps religion is about not leaving people behind and so those who continue to use the religious method will reach out to the rest and offer them a hand up onto the effective spiritual road.

Forbidden Activities

Profession of The One True Path

Profession that your religion or any element thereof is the one true path means that you are closing your mind to any other path. Once you have done this you are no longer pursuing better paths. This denies you progress and therefore you cannot be using a religious method that leads to rapid progress. The Religious Method, therefore, must forbid Profession of the One True Path.

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