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Initiates and guides action--
Or it does nothing.

-Octavia Butler, Parable of the Sower

Getting into Action

Human willpower is shockingly limited. We live most of our lives on the basis of familiar, comfortable routines, despite the myriad amazing possibilities that Life has to offer. To carve enough time out of our routines to start to do something truly different is staggeringly difficult. When seeking to start working toward a goal as large as TheDestiny, the problem is compounded by scale paralysis, the inevitable feeling that whatever one person does is pointlessly tiny against the scale of the goal to be achieved.

From this, we can learn two valuable things:

  • For each of us, work on developing one or more of the SolSeedProjects must become a new routine, a habit built into the shape of our lives. Otherwise we will muster the willpower to do this work far too rarely. Regular Group Experiences are an excellent example of such a routine. One next step is to make a habit of adding words to this website other than meeting notes.
  • We need a plan in which many small, achievable SolSeedProjects add up to significant progress toward TheDestiny. Each project should be rewarding in its own right, a tangible expression of our belief in bringing life. Thus, the completion of a SolSeedProject will satisfy us on two levels: the immediate sense of accomplishment, and the knowledge that we have made a real, solid, useful, important step in our "journey of a thousand miles" (or light-years) toward fulfilling TheDestiny.

For more on this topic, see Chapter 1 of the SolSeed book.

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