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This was a session at Sol 2012.

Shelley: What do you most desire to accomplish in the next thirty years?

  • Eric: Making trees grow in environments where they have never grown before, as precursor to Dyson trees growing in outer space
  • Lion: Developing my intentional society
    • Creating a School of Dream
    • Restoring erotic sexual love (need to develop language to describe this as it's a touchy subject)
    • Developing a model society that organizes politics, economics, discourse, etc. around Dream
  • Hank: Having some of the kids I've taught contribute to a better world and the survival of humanity, as well as making some progress toward going to the stars
  • Ben: Helping to make the following things happen:
    • My webcomic, Flight in a Cage, covering all my core interests
    • A game called Wings that would give you the experience of being a bird
    • A self-sustaining ecosystem in an airtight box, as precursor to a life-support system for space travel and colonization
  • Shelley:
    • Supporting my children in being who they are
    • Working to create better healthcare that leads to better health at lower cost
  • Brandon: Creating an annual weekend event where SolSeed brings an inspiring spectacle, and other tribes of very alive people also come to present themselves to people like Sequoia who could choose among them or start their own tribe
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