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This would be posted on YouTube and possibly on TV someday, and could also be the basis for a banner ad to place on friends' websites. Also, if it turns out that I'm trying to cram too much stuff into those 30 seconds (as usual), it could be lengthened to a full minute.

Part 1

  • Narration or text: "Imagine a future when our living world is healthy and thriving again."
  • Visuals:
    • A smoggy city (probably Los Angeles) with a traffic-jammed freeway in the foreground
    • Wipe to a futuristic green city with high-speed rail line in the foreground, surrounded by wild chaparral with a few orange groves, and passing through a short tunnel to keep it from splitting the landscape
      • Animation: train passing by
    • An impoverished village in a clearcut area (probably in Haiti)
    • Wipe to a thriving village with solar panels and a satellite dish, in the midst of a lush forest
      • Animation: flock of birds, maybe some people walking
    • A big industrial complex spewing pollution from many smokestacks and a pipe leading into a river
    • Wipe to a wind farm standing in a vast expanse of wild prairie, with just a few small paths leading to the base of each turbine, mountains in the distance, a sparkling river and maybe some hikers in the foreground
      • Animation: wind-turbine blades turning

Part 2

  • Narration or text: "Now imagine that world as the seed of something far greater."
  • Visuals: Continuous pullback
    • Start with a view of Earth from space as it transforms into a symbolic glowing green orb
    • Curving green shoots extend from the orb, growing leaves
    • Mars comes into view on the right and one of the shoots touches down there, sparking a wave of symbolic flowers and sprouts spreading out from where it lands, as the Mars image itself dissolves into a terraformed Mars visualization, then into another green orb
    • Sol comes into view and moves toward the center of the screen
    • Saturn comes into view on the left, along with its moon Titan, where another shoot lands and repeats the terraforming cycle
    • The remaining shoots extend beyond the solar system, while the three green orbs merging with Sol to become a green flare
    • The shoots touch nearby stars and turn them into green flares, from which more new shoots grow
    • The shoots extend farther and farther, branching out to include dozens of stars spread across the near side of the galactic disc
      • Maybe show some other similar "plants" spread across other parts of the disc in the background

Part 3

  • Narration or text: "The SolSeed Movement is taking the first steps toward making this vision real. Join us at SolSeed.org."
  • Visual: SolSeed logo
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